Santa Clara 75, San Francisco 65

March 4, 2006

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Santa Clara Head Coach Michelle Bento-Jackson
"This is what March is all about. Both teams competed extremely hard. Obviously, it comes down to players making plays. At this time in the season, players got to make plays, and Chandice Cronk made the biggest play of her life probably at the end of regulation.

"We worked very hard put ourselves into a position to be in this game tomorrow, and the team has done a tremendous job.

(on the final play) "We ran a play to Michelle Cozad, coming off a screen for a shot, and we knew that they were going to switch, and we had Chandice popping out on the top and another one of our players popping out on the top. I made it clear to them that Michelle wasn't going to be open, don't force it, swing the ball, and Chandice was about as open as she could possibly be."

Santa Clara Chandice Cronk
"I basically knew it was good the second it left my hand, and, like she said earlier, that was probably the biggest shot of my entire life."

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