Up Close & Personal with Tori Markey

Up Close & Personal with Tori Markey

July 15, 2004

Q: What's been keeping you busy this summer?

A: I'm taking summer school classes... theology of marriage and basic painting. I'm also working out a lot and hanging out in library and studying.

Q: Have you been playing any basketball?

A: I'm playing in a pro-am league in the city. We play once a week. Gonney (Ashley Gonnerman) and Yaz (Yasemin Kimyacioglu) are also in it, and Whitney Sutak is on my team. I've also noticed a lot of WCC players in the league.

Q: What made you decide to play in a league this summer?

A: I got started by our former coach, and I've just been following up on that year after year.

Q: How are you benefiting from the experience?

A: We don't have any really set plays; we just go with the flow and run up and down the court. It's proving to be fun.

Q: How is your team doing this year?

A: We're currently undefeated and will continue to play through the middle of August.

Q: Between school and hoops, have you found any time for personal fun?

A: Not yet, but I'm excited about my brother coming home from Japan in August. I haven't seen him since Christmas.

Q: Moving on to the fall season, what are you doing to improve your game?

A: I'm trying to get stronger. I'm in the weight room three times a week, and am also running and jump roping. One of my weaknesses is shooting, so I'm trying to get in close to 200 shots in every day. I'm also trying to rest my body by swimming. It's also good for catching some rays.

Q: Is it hard to stay focused inside the gym when the weather is so nice?

A: Yeah, especially when my friends all have the time to hang out. But I like working out. I feel unhealthy if I don't exercise on a regular basis.

Q: What are you most looking forward to for the fall season?

A: Having everybody come back and seeing everybody again, and meeting the new players. Team bonding is always fun. It's weird not seeing your teammates during the summer because you get used to seeing them every day during the season.

Q: Is there any final thought you want to leave with Santa Clara basketball fans?

A: We're going to be so good this year. We hope you come out to the games to watch us!