A Ruff Riders' Perspective on Bronco Women's Win over USF

A Ruff Riders' Perspective on Bronco Women's Win over USF

March 4, 2005

The Santa Clara women's basketball team was as they say, on fire. The offensive explosion that took place in the Leavey Center Thursday night was dangerous and hazardous to the health of anybody rooting for the Dons. Consider this, after the first half the Broncos had 50. After the game the Dons had 49. This one was over before it even started and what better way to start the WCC tournament then a 41 point victory in the first round.

The Broncos hit just about everything they looked at. At one point Chandice Cronk hit a three pointer from what looked to be the Mercado. The defense was just as spectacular and there was no way the Dons could keep up with quick pace the Broncos set early in the ball game.

Everyone on the Bronco team played nearly perfect basketball. Chandice Cronk was as they say, in the zone, missing one shot the entire night. She scored 12 points in the first eight minutes of the game. In comparison USF had 12 points with eight minutes left to go in the first half. Chandice continued her hot shooting into the second half and with 17:45 remaining in the game, the score was Chandice Cronk 22, USF Dons 22. That should tell you about all you need to know.

The Broncos made sure this one would live on as they put themselves in the record books with their sharp shooting. Three records were broken last night. The most points (90), largest winning margin (41), and most three point makes (14). Needless to say a performance like this gives the team momentum and confidence heading into a tough game on Saturday afternoon. The Lions no doubt remember the sting of losing at the Leavey Center earlier this year. Kayla Huss' running three-pointer at the buzzer did the Lions in and they will no doubt be looking forward to the rematch. After tonight, my guess is the Broncos will be ready to play as well.