One-on-One with Hoopster Quinn Thomas

One-on-One with Hoopster Quinn Thomas

Jan. 26, 2004

In her third season with the women's basketball squad, junior guard Quinn Thomas took some time to sit down with Sports Editor Brian Betz.

BB: So what's it feel like to be one of the only healthy players on the team right now?

QT: It's a little frustrating. You know, 'cause it's always nice to have the whole team there. Everybody plays a key role so when they're not out there it kinda sucks.

BB: Obviously you've lost Kayla [Huss] for the whole year. How much has that hurt?

QT: It was really frustrating because she's one of my best friends and to not have her out on the floor means you don't have that connection. So that was hard to get used to, to not have her there. But now that we've spent some more time with the freshmen it's gotten a lot easier.

BB: Obviously Ashley Graham has stepped up, but have there been any freshmen in particular that have made things that much easier?

QT: Oh, I mean they've all stepped up in some kind of way. You know, Anna Martin, she's stepped up into a big role. She's a starter now because Michelle Cozad's out with an injury. Ashley Gonnerman's stepped up, Jenni Gottschalk, they all have because we don't have that experience in the post so we have to keep subbing them in.

BB: With such a young team, do you think there's more promise for the team next year as opposed to this year?

QT: Oh, for sure. When these freshmen are going to be seniors this is going to be a good team. I think next year we'll definitely do a lot better.

BB: From that standpoint, do you wish you had a couple more years?

QT: Um, yeah. I do, but I think my time is coming. My body is falling apart. I have some back issues that are coming up.

BB: Cause you're getting so old right?

QT: So old, 21 is so old.

BB: Yeah, exactly. But at 6-12, that's pretty tough. But with the WCC tournament format, could you still make a run at the league title?

QT: 6-12, well we had a very hard preseason. We played Georgia, Alabama and a whole bunch of big schools. So I don't think our record matters a lot, it's just that we played those teams and we know that we were in the game with them the whole time. And just considering that we don't have a lot of experience and we were still in the game with them, we see that as a positive and I think that anything can happen in the WCC.

BB: But it'll take a WCC title to get into the tournament right?

QT: Most likely. You know, a title would get us there. It's just we've lost so many.

BB: Being from Kent, Wash., are you as big of a Seattle sports fan as I am?

QT: Oh yeah.

BB: Were you pretty disappointed about the Seattle Seahawks?

QT: Yeah, you know, screw the Niners.

BB: I couldn't agree with you more.

QT: I'll always be a Seahawks-Mariners fan. No matter what, I gotta represent.

BB: Why are you a communication major?

QT: They don't really have dentistry here or anything that really correlates with dentistry. And I want to go to dental school afterwards because my brother's a dentist and my sister's in dental school. And also, I want to be a personal trainer. Two different things, but they both deal with communicating.

BB: So is basketball pretty big in your family?

QT: It is. My family is very athletic, we were all soccer players before basketball players. So I played soccer probably more years than I played basketball. But I really looked up to my sister. They won the state title and that was so big in high school.

BB: I asked it last week, so I'll ask it again. Who do you like to win the Super Bowl?

QT: The Patriots, are they still in it?

BB: Ha, yeah, the Patriots are in it.

QT: I'd have to go with them.

BB: Do you know who they're playing?

QT: No.

BB: So why do you like the Patriots.

QT: Cause, I don't know, just something about 'em. They mesh well.

BB: They do mesh well. Have you seen any good movies lately?

QT: I went to go see "Big Fish," but I took a Percocet for my back and I don't know what happened. I didn't eat anything so I had to leave because I was so out of it.

BB: So what music is in your CD player right now?

QT: Um, Justin Timberlake. I'm in love with him. I don't know why, just cause he can dance and sing. That's very attractive to me.

BB: Well, maybe you'll get that dream date someday.

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