Women's Basketball's Italian Adventures

Women's Basketball's Italian Adventures

Aug. 23, 2002

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( Read to the beat of ICE ICE BABY )

Aight, stop, and collaborate & listen, Santa Clara's back with a brand new edition.
Somethin grabbed a hold of me tightly
beautiful Parma & the Duomo so sightly.
Who painted the top? Yo, it was Allegra
Heaven, the angels & Mary...."bella!"
To the extreme yo it rained like a monsoon
We danced in the street & lit it up like high noon.
Splashin in the pourrin rain
Italians starin sayin are these girls sane?
The bus was on stand by
guide waitin just to stay dry
The rain didnt stop? Nah, we just cruised by.
Got on the bus & rolled to our next game
90-45 we came out on top
headed to dinner & started the doo-wop
Men were old & bustin a groove,
asked for Court's number, our cue to move!

by Megan Nelson

I hope you understand this. We'll write again tomorrow!

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