Santa Clara vs. UC Davis Quote Sheet - 10/01/06

Oct. 1, 2006


Head Coach Keith Wilbur, on game: "It was a physical game. I think we needed to come out with a higher level of physicality from the get go. They came out on us. In the second half we came out strongerbut by then it was almost too late."

Wilbur, on team's strong second half play: "No matter the score of the game or how much time is left we are going to do what we need to do to compete at the same level of our opponents. But we have to play well all four quarters, especially at this level. If you have one bad quarter, the other team is going to punish you, so we need to be a second hafl team and first half team."

Wilbur, on looking ahead to Claremont Convergence: "We'll be back to conference games. All four will be against conference teams, and we might only get to see them once. Our performance will be important for seeding at the WWPA tournamet, so it will be important for us to get some wins."

Jack Wall, on game: "It was a rough one. Davis is a very strong and brutal team to play against. I think we came in a little timid in anticipation of their strength."

Jon Young, on Davis' performance: "They really took advantage of certain situations. Sometimes they'd anticipate a little better, but that is the game of water polo. I think that the small pool probably played a part, but I thought that our defense played well today."

Young, on crowd: "It was amazing - the crowd was insane. Every time we scored the crowd erupted. That's one of the beauties about this pool. It's not 30 meters or anything but the crowd is right on top of you and you feel it the whole time."

Liam Farrell, on team's performance: "We didn't come out as physical as we should have. We did a good job to step it up in the 2nd half."

Chris Parolin, looking ahead to next weekend: "It will all start with a good week of practice. Next weekend's first game will probably play a big part, but we need to come out and play hard, get a big win and get another winning streak started."

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