SlugFest Quote Sheet - 9/23/06

Sept. 23, 2006


Head coach Keith Wilbur, on first two wins of the season: "The guys really pulled through today. We saw a lot of good performances, and we got two big wins in our first conference games of the season."

Junior Chris Parolin, on victory over Redlands: "I think it was a great display of our team's character. We've had a bunch of close games so far this year, and to go down in the fourth quarter and then be able to come back was great." Sophomore

Jack Wall, on getting first win: "It was just what this team needed. We knew that our team was good enough to compete with these teams, and we really needed the win to get us going. The fact that we were able to jump out to a lead and finally hold on to it helped us to realize that our team really can win games."

Parolin, on victory over Claremont: "We were on such a rush after the first game that I don't think we did all we could. Looking back, the game was probably a little closer than it should have been."

Wall on tomorrow's matches: "Cal Lutheran has a strong team, but I think our team has a little more depth so I think we can probably out-swim them. We're in really good spirits right now and pumped to keep this going."

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SlugFest Quote Sheet - 9/23/06
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