NorCal Invitational Quote Sheet

Sept. 17, 2006


Head coach Keith Wilbur, on tournament: "It was another rough weekend. The team played better than we did back east. The main difference was that this time we were playing against top ranked teams - every team was ranked 15 or higher. Going in we knew this was going to be a tough tournament. Some positive things are that the team is improving and we're getting better in preparation for the SlugFest next weekend in Santa Cruz."

Wilbur, on USC match: "It was a tough game. We went out there and did the best we could and tried to get some goals on the board. In the end it was good to see where we stand against a number 2 team."

Wilbur, on match against Santa Barbara: "It was 8-5 at half. We played them well in the first half, and then we sort of ran out of gas in the second half. Playing two games in one day kind of had an affect on the team, but we did the best we could."

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NorCal Invitational Quote Sheet
September 17, 2006 NorCal Invitational Quote Sheet