Thirteen Broncos Receive WWPA All-Academic Honors

Thirteen Broncos Receive WWPA All-Academic Honors

July 3, 2007

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Thirteen Santa Clara University student-athletes were honored Wednesday with selections to the Western Water Polo Association men's and women's All-Academic teams. In all, the Broncos placed eight women and five men on the respective teams. Both teams consist of members who were one of the top-10 student-athletes on the respective institutions' team, carried a 3.0 cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale), and is classified a full-time student who has completed a minimum of one semester or two quarters at his institution.

"Given the selection criteria that each team can only nominate players who are in the top 10 on their team in terms of playing time, I think it is commendable that we had five men's water polo players and eight women's water polo players make the WWPA All-Academic team," said Santa Clara head coach Keith Wilbur. "Nevertheless, our goal as a team is for everybody to maintain a GPA over a 3.0, so this is still something that both water polo teams can work to improve on in future years."

On the women's side, junior utility Elizabeth Perry led the way with a 3.59 grade-point average while majoring in environmental studies. Joining her on the All-Academic team were seniors Kristin Barnes (3.10 - Marketing) and Andrea Evans (3.13 - Marketing), juniors Kendra Betke (3.37 - Marketing), Emily Bonk (3.44 - Psychology), and Christie Miller (3.35 - undeclared), sophomore Amy Lamb (3.25 - undeclared), and freshman Meg Zimmerman (3.21 - Sociology).

For the men, sophomore driver Andrew Fitch paves the way with a 3.77 grade-point average as an engineering major. Also honored for their achievements in the classroom and pool were senior Kevin Starry (3.00 - English) and juniors Robert Callahan (3.20 - Combined Sciences), Tommy Kelly (3.26 - Economics), and Daniel Soares (3.23 -Finance).

2006 WWPA Men's Water Polo All-Academic Team:

Devon Allred (UC Santa Cruz, So.)
Philip Amberg (Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, Jr.)
Stephen Andron (Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, Fr.)
Andrew Ayres (Pomona-Pitzer, Fr.)
Kevin Bacharach (UC Davis, Sr.)
Jake Bell (Pomona-Pitzer, Sr.)
Cameron Brahmst (Occidental, So.)
Tim Brown (Pomona-Pitzer, Sr.)
Robert Callahan (Santa Clara, Jr.)
Zack Cook (Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, Fr.)
Sean Cooney (Chapman, Sr.)
A.J. Descobes (Chapman, Jr.)
Stephen Donohoe (UC San Diego, Fr.)
Stephen Fan (Chapman, Jr.)
Andrew Fitch (Santa Clara, So.)
Shaun Flood (Loyola Marymount, Jr.)
Abiel Garcia (Occidental, So.)
Field Garthwaite (Pomona-Pitzer, Jr.)
Colin Gasper (Chapman, Fr.)
Mackenzie Hansler (Occidental, Fr.)
Robert Hayes (Pomona-Pitzer, Fr.)
Tim Heafner (Loyola Marymount, So.)
Adnan Jerkovic (UC San Diego, Jr.)
Calvin Kagan (Pomona-Pitzer, Fr.)
Adam Kantar (Occidental, Fr.)
Tommy Kelly (Santa Clara, Jr.)
Danny Kimmich (Air Force, Sr.)
Adam Lindsay (UC Davis, So.)
Julien Lormant (Loyola Marymount, So.)
Joe Lyons (UC Santa Cruz, Sr.)
Matt MacLachlan (UC Davis, Jr.)
Angel Martinez (UC Santa Cruz, Jr.)
Austin McElvaney (Chapman, Fr.)
Matthew Millich (Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, Sr.)
David Mills (Redlands, Jr.)
David Mock (Pomona-Pitzer, Jr.)
Grant Muenter (UC Davis, So.)
Michael Mulvihill (Pomona-Pitzer, Jr.)
Tucker Muse (Chapman, Fr.)
Jeff Oakley (Occidental, Sr.)
Nick O'Connell (Occidental, Fr.)
Tyler Owens (Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, Jr.)
Blake Pickell (Air Force, Sr.)
Cody Pletcher (Whittier, Sr.)
Jeremy Randall (UC San Diego, Sr.)
Kyle Schafer (Air Force, Sr.)
Grant Shubin (UC Santa Cruz, Jr.)
Joe Smith (UC Davis, Jr.)
Daniel Soares (Santa Clara, Jr.)
Kevin Starry (Santa Clara, Sr.)
Clay Stearns (Pomona-Pitzer, Jr.)
Alex Strand (Redlands, Sr.)
Alexander Su (Pomona-Pitzer, Jr.)
Will Tipton (Chapman, Sr.)
Jesse Tweed (UC Davis, Jr.)
Chris Villanueva (Whittier, So.)
David Welch (UC Davis, Sr.)
David Wes (Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, Sr.)
Joe Woodring (UC San Diego, Sr.)
Alexandre Wright (Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, So.)
Lucas Zepeda (UC Santa Cruz, So.)
Andrew Zepfel (Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, Jr.)
Jake Zerbe (Whittier, Sr.)

The 2007 WWPA Women's Water Polo All-Academic Team

Katy Armstrong (Colorado State, Fr.)
Crisara Abrams (Loyola Marymount, Jr.)
Sarah Bajorek (UC San Diego, Sr.)
Kristin Barnes (Santa Clara)
Jenna Beer (CS Monterey Bay, Jr.)
Kendra Betke (Santa Clara, Jr.)
Lauren Binner (CS East Bay, Jr.)
Stephanie Bocian (UC San Diego, Fr.)
Emily Bonk (Santa Clara, Jr.)
Bridget Bugay (UC San Diego, So.)
Heather Campbell (CS East Bay, Sr.)
Ashley Chandler (UC Davis, Fr.)
Erin Colby (UC Santa Cruz, Sr.)
Cara Colton (Loyola Marymount, Sr.)
Laura Demeneces (CS East Bay, Jr.)
Lauren Donnelly-Crocker (UC Santa Cruz, Sr.)
Judy Emaus (UC San Diego, Jr.)
Andrea Evans (Santa Clara, Sr.)
Lynette Fukuda (Chapman, Fr.)
Megan Gaynor (UC Santa Cruz, Sr.)
Sydney Gstettenbauer (UC San Diego, So.)
Elizabeth Hahn (UC San Diego, Jr.)
Nicole Herman (UC San Diego, Jr.)
Katie Hicks (Loyola Marymount, Sr.)
Cara Hipskind (UC Santa Cruz, Jr.)
Natalie Iwasaki (Chapman, Jr.)
Diana Jung (CS East Bay, Jr.)
Annie Keating (UC Santa Curz, So.)
Lindsay Kiyama (UC Davis, So.)
Kellie Koorndyk (CS Monterey Bay, So.)
Amber Korner (UC Davis, Sr.)
Brittney Koski (Chapman, Fr.)
Amy Lamb (Santa Clara, So.)
Chelsea Laning (CS Monterey Bay, Jr.)
Erin Lee (CS Monterey Bay, Jr.)
Renae Logston (UC Santa Cruz, Sr.)
Jennifer Manship (Chapman, So.)
Krystyna McCright (Colorado State, Fr.)
Emily McCullough (Colorado State, Jr.)
Jessica McCullough (Chapman, Fr.)
Cindy Melendez (CS East Bay, Jr.)
Christie Miller (Santa Clara, Jr.)
Casie Mota (UC Davis, Jr.)
Katherine O'Rourke (UC Davis, Sr.)
Elizabeth Perry (Santa Clara, Jr.)
Stacia Peterson (Loyola Marymount, Sr.)
Annie Quinn (Colorado State, Jr.)
Tricia Rosa (CS East Bay, Jr.)
Stephanie Salvi (CS Monterey Bay, Jr.)
Kate Simonis (UC Santa Cruz, Jr.)
Haley Slusser (Chapman, Jr.)
Taylor Smith (Chapman, Jr.)
Madeline Stephenson (UC Davis, Jr.)
Heather Stewart (UC Santa Cruz, So.)
Christyn Takara (Chapman, Fr.)
Miho Umezawa (UC San Diego, Sr.)
Ashley Vieira (CS East Bay, Jr.)
Alex Wike (Loyola Marymount, Jr.)
Laurien White (Colorado State, Sr.)
Elise Wilhelmsen (CS East Bay, Jr.)
Meg Zimmerman (Santa Clara)

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