Men's Water Polo Ranks Fourth in Academics

May 22, 2001

NORRISTOWN, Pa. - Santa Clara University posted the fourth-best grade point average for all men's water polo programs for the 2000-01 academic year, the American Water Polo Coaches Association announced last week. Individual honors went to five Broncos, led by senior San Jose native Bryan Failing's Outstanding All-Academic team honor.

American Water Polo Coaches Association Team Honors

Saint Francis College, 3.29
John Hopkins, 3.17
Princeton, 3.10
Santa Clara, 3.08
Stanford, 3.07
Bucknell, 3.06
California, 3.04
Fordham, 3.04
UC Irvine, 3.02
U.S. Naval Academy, 2.95
George Washington, 2.94
UC Santa Barbara, 2.92
U.S. Air Force Academy, 2.90
Pepperdine, 2.82
Queens College, 2.81
Grove City College, 2.80
Iona College, 2.80
Occidental College, 2.78

The athletes represent achievement on three levels: Excellent 3.20-3.40, Superior 3.41-3.70, and Outstanding 3.71-4.0, while the teams represent those institutions whose combined team GPA is over 2.75.

American Water Polo Coaches Association Men's All-Academic Team, 2000-01

Adam Tisdall 4.00 U. S. Naval Academy
Zaman Mirzadeh 3.97 John Hopkins University
Srdjan Mihaljevic 3.95 Saint Francis College
Mark Merlo 3.95 University of California, Irvine
Barry Shaw 3.92 U. S. Naval Academy
Robert Curreri 3.92 Whittier College
Tamas Katona 3.91 Saint Francis College
Andrew Sause 3.88 U. S. Naval Academy
Chris Moyer 3.87 Washington & Jefferson College
Bryan Failing 3.82 Santa Clara University
Amit Seker 3.81 University of California, Santa Barbara
Kyle Ashley 3.80 University of California, Santa Barbara
Istvan Baloga 3.79 Queens College
Uros Manojlovic 3.78 Saint Francis College
Attila Banhidy 3.77 University of California, Berkeley
Mikhail Klochkov 3.75 Queens College
Yulian Hristov 3.75 Saint Francis College
Charles Toth 3.73 U. S. Air Force Academy
Jeff Maitz 3.73 Fordham University
Adrian Cimpeanu 3.72 Queens College
Nemanja Kuzmanovic 3.71 Washington & Jefferson College

Mike Dovey 3.70 Occidental College
Andrew Lanzone 3.69 Grove City College
Shaun Cullen 3.68 Iona College
Chris Spencer 3.68 University of the Pacific
Matt Petrich 3.66 Santa Clara University
Marshall Roslyn 3.64 Princeton University
Logan Gee 3.64 Santa Clara University
Wade Grabow 3.62 U. S. Air Force Academy
Justin McCarty 3.61 Bucknell University
Peter Valovic 3.61 Queens College
Dan Hayes 3.60 University of California, Irvine
Douglas Arthur 3.59 University of California, Santa Barbara
Seth Frederiksen 3.59 University of Redlands
James Miante 3.58 Bucknell University
Chris Shively 3.58 Washington & Jefferson College
Onno Koelman 3.57 Stanford University
Sergey Bushuev 3.57 University of the Pacific
Markus Herrmannsdoerfer 3.56 Grove City College
Elliot Hirsch 3.53 John Hopkins University
Eric Rosen 3.53 University of California, San Diego
Reid Particelli 3.53 University of California, Santa Barbara
Matt Ackley 3.53 University of Redlands
Jared Pendergrass 3.52 University of the Pacific
Neil Asinger 3.52 Fordham University
Chris Przekota 3.50 Iona College
Brendan Farrell 3.50 Iona College
Adam Kinsey 3.50 John Hopkins University
Scott Miller 3.50 Long Beach State University
Joshua Buckley 3.50 Slippery Rock University
Paul Vacquier 3.50 University of California, Santa Barbara
Kevin Rosa 3.50 University of Redlands
Adam Foley 3.48 University of Redlands
Jason Grimes 3.46 George Washington University
Trevor Walsh 3.46 Princeton University
Kevin Norman 3.44 George Washington University
Matt Guerrerio 3.43 Fordham University
Matt Reilly 3.41 Santa Clara University

Chris Kempton 3.40 Bucknell University
Kellyn Carlson 3.40 Long Beach State University
Roman Bortnovsky 3.40 Slippery Rock University
Eric Johnson 3.40 University of California, Berkeley
Dan Hipp 3.40 University of California, Irvine
Roland Manyai 3.39 Saint Francis College
Elijah McDanniel 3.39 University of California, Santa Barbara
Jimmy Orozco 3.38 Princeton University
Jay Moorhead 3.38 Santa Clara University
Nicholas Garcia 3.36 George Washington University
Eldad Hazor 3.36 University of California, Berkeley
Kevin Permisohn 3.35 Bucknell University
Nick Ellis 3.35 Stanford University
Ryan McCarty 3.34 Bucknell University
Michael Soltis 3.33 Pepperdine University
Pascual Dutton 3.33 Stanford University
Kellen Hori 3.33 University of California, San Diego
Garrett Golden 3.32 Fordham University
Matthew Rudy 3.32 Fordham University
Brian Darrow 3.32 Stanford University
Ben Couchman 3.32 U. S. Air Force Academy
Fred Kingston 3.30 John Hopkins University
Paul Ramaley 3.29 John Hopkins University
Drew Jones 3.29 Princeton University
Greg Trayer 3.29 University of Massachusetts
Stephen Johnston 3.28 Grove City College
Aaron Halloway 3.28 Long Beach State University
Micah Peterson 3.28 U. S. Air Force Academy
Matt Ellis 3.28 University of California, San Diego
Nick Davidson 3.26 Occidental College
Dragan Rajkivic 3.26 Saint Francis College
Christopher Lathrop 3.26 University of California, Berkeley
Jamie Saettele 3.25 Bucknell University
D.J. Halliday 3.25 Princeton University
Scott Harvey 3.24 Pepperdine University
Jon Pharris 3.23 Princeton University
Ali Gozluk 3.22 Saint Francis College
Gordon Kordyak 3.22 University of Redlands
Elit Biggert-Godwin 3.21 University of California, Santa Barbara
Brett Slayton 3.20 Occidental College
Csaba Biro 3.20 Saint Francis College
Matthew Cunningham 3.20 Slippery Rock University
Kirk Sander 3.20 Slippery Rock University
Mark Welch 3.20 University of California, Santa Barbara