Netscoop - Summer 2007

Sept. 4, 2007

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A Fond Farewell...
Twelve unforgetable seasons have been completed and it has now come time to bid you all a fond farewell. I decided to step down from my position at SCU this summer and will join the University of Illinois as an associate head coach next year. It seems only like yesterday when I arrived at Santa Clara and attended my first Bronco practice, under the watchful eyes of coach Sean Burns. Many drills, sprints, points, matches, pro-ams, reunions, text messages and ping-pong games later, I look back with great amazement at the growth and transformation of a "little" team to a "big" program that is Santa Clara University Bronco Tennis.

I was blessed with the opportunity to coach many unique student-athletes and establish relationships with them, as well as parents, coaches, administrators, alumni and fans, all of which provided much energy, passion and love. You welcomed my wife, parents, siblings and friends with open arms and together we became one giant family. The entire experience had a profound and invaluable impact in my life both personally and professionally.

There are countless thoughts and memories that will last a lifetime, some of which include: Greg Fox's "COME ON!" and Taylor Bedilion's "SERIOUSLY!"; running the flag at soccer games; Ryan Pang's jogging skills; Francisco Zepponi's career and his dog Bella; team retreats to Lake Tahoe; the grind & humor of the '03-04 season; mini-tennis before & after practice; team meals at Cramer's and Quizno's; the 9-ball competition during 2007...rack'em!; Lars Nelson's epic 3-set win over USD and a berth in the WCC finals; beating Harvard 4-3, not once, but twice; Scott "Watters World" and Kevin McQuaid's "Circus"; the Bronco pre-match huddle and cheer; Los Amigos, Federico Mattioli and Victor Camargo; freshman duties; the Grinder of the Week; pushing SUVs in the parking lot; Mike Bruggemann's forehand and Jan Macek's backhand; team photos at the Buggy Whip restaurant and also with the soccer ball; 5:30am runs; the old tennis shack; Heckler on the Hill BBQs; Midnight Madness, and, the historic and unforgettable 2007 season.Though a graduate of San Diego State, I am a Bronco forever. Many thanks for all of your support and I look forward to meeting again in the near future. Take care and as always...Go Broncos!

Bronco Pro-Am Breakdown...
The men's program held the 11th annual Santa Clara Bronco Pro-Am Invitational under bright and sunny skies to close out a full 2007 season of events. Junior Blane Shields and former assistant coach and All-WCC player Erich Chen '04 defeated sophomore Brian Brogan and former Bronco coach Cliff Barrett '83-87 to take home the coveted title. Many thanks to all participants and contributors who made this event another smashing success. These included:
Cliff Barrett '83-87, Kristina Bass, Jim Bedilion, Ben Cabell '96, Erich Chen '04, Lisa Eskey '05, John Giacomazzi '52, Rui Hirakawa, Michael Keating '56, Mike Lamble '78, David Lu '91, Gerald Lu, Al Martin '49, Dave Najour '77, Brien O'Connell, Scott Pfeiffer '95, Bowmar Rodgers '67, Joe Scalmanini '67, John Shields, Scott Watters '00, Gary Wong and Francisco Zepponi '05.

Bronco Awards Banquet...
The Broncos held their end-of-the-year awards banquet at the beautiful Domicilio clubhouse to reflect on the team's historic season and celebrate it with family, friends and fans of the program. Senior Bobby Rasmussen was named Bronco of the Year and also received the "Mad Dog" award. He completed his SCU career with all-WCC singles and doubles honors, ranks 6th all-time in singles wins and 2nd all-time in doubles victories. Junior Blane Shields was named Most Improved Bronco for the big surge in his singles and doubles game. He recorded an impressive 22-5 overall singles record along with 17 doubles victories. Freshman Jay Wong received the Roy T. Zepponi Rookie of the Year honor for his exceptional performance which included tying the all-time single season record for victories with 30 wins. And the passionate Jerry Lu was named Bronco Fan of the Year for his incredible support throughout the season.

Bronco Bits...
Santa Clara led all schools in the WCC with all-conference honors...Honorees included Jan Macek, Brian Brogan, Jay Wong, Bobby Rasmussen & Blane Shields in singles, as well as all three doubles tandems Macek/Rasmussen, Brogan/Wong and Shields/Robert Gallman...Macek and Rasmussen earned all-WCC All-Academic honors for a third consecutive year and also added ITA All-Aacademic honors with Gallman...Eric Kochanski '05 was promoted to Branch Manager for Enterprise Rent-a-car and works out of the Los Gatos office...Aaron Hutchings '97 & wife Carrie announced they will welcome a new addition to the 'Spud' family...Assistant coach Nick Fustar married Stephanie Poage on May 26th in Los Gatos.

Silver Racquet Club Honor Roll
On behalf of the coaching staff and players of SCU men's tennis, we'd like to recognize and give special thanks to all of the 2006-2007 Silver Racquet Club members. Club memberships eclipsed the $30,000 mark for a third consecutive year. We hope to have all members back again in 07-08 for another exciting season. Go Broncos!

Total Support for 2006-2007: $32,154.00

Bronco Grand Slam Members
Chris (1990) & Kathryn Eppright
John E. Giacomazzi (1952)
Jim (1983) & Cristin Laccabue
Michael D. Naumes (1968)
Pebble Beach Company
Scott (1982) & Nora Ritchey
The Speramus Foundation
Tennis Development
The Testwuide Family

Bronco Grand Prix Members
James E. Delehanty (1944)
John (1975) & Aida (1977) Galbraith
David & Anne Hicks (son Tommy, 2009)
George & Annie Husack
Joseph (1970) & Susan (1976) McCarthy
Bowmar Rodgers (1967)
Joseph Scalmanini (1967)

Bronco Challenger Members
David & Annie Bell (1972)
Ryan K. Buell (2001)
Erich Chen (2004)
Jeffrey B. Christianson (1985)
Dorothea & Wesley French
Gerald & Seiko Lu (son David, 1991)
Albert H. Martin (1949)
The Schrup Family (John,1975)
David & Christine Taylor
Scott (2000) & Katrina Watters
Don & Peg Redmon
Tony Ventura (MBA, 1970)
Henry T. Yamate (1952)
Dave P. Zahn (1994)

Bronco Satellite Members
Bandag, Inc.
Gia M. Biagi (1993)
Theodore Blosser (2006)
Matt & Jan Fick
Alan C. Freeland (son Ben, 1995)
Edward M. Kelly (1939)
John & April King
Joseph M. Lucero
Patrick Mangan (1984)
Kevin P. McDonough (2001)
Jack & Shirley McQuaid (son Kevin, 2008)
Steven A. Miller (1993)
Brien O'Connell
Richard Snyder (son Jeff, 1996)
Jeff Taylor & Vienna Sivilay

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Netscoop - Summer 2007
September 4, 2007 Netscoop - Summer 2007