Pham Looks Forward To Bigger and Better As Senior Years Gears Up

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By Sara Vierra '15 

         Thomas Pham (TP) has had an amazing three years with Bronco's men's tennis team, and is currently making his fourth and final season just as phenomenal. Deciding to compete at the collegiate level while in high school, Pham has tagged commendable accomplishments onto his experience, such as being apart of the 2012 Bronco team that made history by qualifying for the NCAA tournament, defeating Texas in the first round.        

Pham talked more to (SCU) about his experience at SCU as well as his plans to follow graduation.

SCU: What age did you start to play tennis?

TP: I started tennis at the age 5, but I did not start competing until I was 8 years old.

SCU: When did you decide that it was something you wanted to do at the collegiate level?

TP: I realized in high school that I wanted to play collegiate tennis.  I felt that quitting tennis after high school was just too soon to end my athletic career. 

SCU: You carry a 3.626 grade point average as an Electrical Engineer major-- have you ever had difficulty balancing academics, athletics, and your social life?

TP: I find it very difficult to balance all three of them.  Being an engineering major, my academics take up even more time. During the season, we are missing classes a few days a month, even as much as a couple days during a single week. 

SCU: What has been your favorite course that you have taken at SCU?

TP: My favorite course at SCU would have to be ELEN 115 - Electronic Circuits I

SCU: You were named All-WCC Honorable Mention in singles and doubles last season as well as to the First-team All-WCC Academic team. What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far in your tennis career? Why?

TP:  My biggest accomplishment so far would have to be being a part of the team that made it to the NCAAs last year for the first time in our school history and beat Texas in the First Round of the NCAAs.

SCU: Do you have a pre-game meal or ritual?

TP: I do not have a particular pre-game meal. 

SCU: What are your plans after college? Do you plan on pursuing tennis?

TP: My plan after college is to complete my Master's degree at SCU in Electrical Engineering.  I do not plan on playing tennis at a high competitive level after college.

SCU: What are you feeling now that you are in your senior year of collegiate tennis?

TP: It has been a very quick three years at Santa Clara.  I'm sure that my fourth year will be quick as well.  I'm not particularly sure how I feel.  Unfortunately, I cannot stay here forever.  I'm going to miss my time here after I graduate.