Playing Since He Was A Youngster, Lamble Prepared For ITA All-Americans This Weekend

Playing Since He Was A Youngster, Lamble Prepared For ITA All-Americans This Weekend

By Sara Vierra '15 

Santa Clara junior John Lamble (JL) has been helping the men's tennis team's to victory as he and his partner, Ilya Osinstev, were recently named the highest-ranked preseason doubles team in Santa Clara's program history. Whether playing doubles or fighting for a win in a singles match, Lamble has had a passion for tennis from a very young age and hopes to pursue tennis as a career after college. 

Lamble is preparing to play in the ITA All-Americans this weekend in Tulsa, Okla. Oct. 4-7.  Check here for results. (SCU) discovered more about Lamble's tennis history, including family ties and pre-game rituals during our interview. 

SCU: At what age did you begin to play tennis?

JL: I started playing tennis at the age of 5, and my first tournament was when I was 7. 

SCU: Did you always plan on playing at the collegiate level?

JL: Yes, ever since I knew that college tennis was an option I planned on playing college tennis. 

SCU: How does it feel to be on the highest-ranked preseason doubles team in program history?

JL: It feels good, I'm proud of Ilya and myself for the season we had last year, but I believe we can move up a lot in the rankings. 

SCU: Do you enjoy playing as a single player more than as a part of a doubles team?

JL: They are totally different. Singles is obviously much more individual and mentally tougher because there is no one else, it is also physically more demanding. However, I enjoy the fight and the victories that come with playing individually. Although doubles is very intense because it is fast-paced and points are shorter, there is less pressure for me because I have a teammate on the same side of the court as me.  

SCU: How do you and your partner, Osintsev, plan on preparing for the All-American Championship Series coming up?

JL: Although we did qualify for the All-American Championship, Ilya and I won't be playing in doubles there. Only I will be competing in singles and I'm looking forward to it and representing Santa Clara as the first male Bronco to play at All-Americans. 

SCU: Do you plan on pursuing tennis after college?

JL: I'm going to focus on that later when I am closer to the end of my college career, but right now I do.     

SCU: Do any of your other family members play tennis competitively?

JL: Yes, I have a sister on the Bronco women's team at Santa Clara (senior co-captain Kelly Lamble).  My dad used to play for Santa Clara as well from 1975 to '78. My mom also plays and used to be highly ranked in the Women's Open division for Northern California. Now my parents play together on weekends. 

SCU: Do you have a pre-match ritual that you stick to or pre-match meal that you like to eat?

JL: I have many pre-match rituals. One is that I drink a bottle of Pedialyte before each match. I usually like pasta with chicken as a meal. 

Go Broncos!