Q&A With Freshman Tennis Player Jay Wong

Q&A With Freshman Tennis Player Jay Wong

Oct. 12, 2006

Freshman tennis player Jay Wong won his first collegiate tournament last weekend, capturing the Flight B bracket of the Bronco Classic. Wong and the men's tennis team head to Fresno this weekend to compete at the Bulldog Classic at Fresno State University. After his performance at the Bronco Classic, Wong will be moving up to the Flight A singles this weekend in Fresno. The San Jose native sat down for an interview with SantaClaraBroncos.com to discuss his first tournament win and his transition to college tennis.

How did it feel to come out victorious in your first tournament?

It felt very good. Since it was my first tournament, I was a bit nervous before it started, but after first few matches, I relaxed and felt more confident. I am a freshman so everything was new to me and that made it a fun experience. It was great to win.

What was your game plan for Sunday's final against Chris Rasmussen from Stanford?

Tommy (Hicks) played him in the semifinals so he gave me some little tips and strategies so that really helped. I just wanted to play my best tennis. Actually, I think Tommy wore Chris out a little in the semifinals so that was an important factor in me beating him in the final.

How was your first tournament collegiate experience from a team standpoint?

It is very helpful to have team around you. We have teammates that are loud and supportive and that makes you feel more confident on the court. In juniors, you are out there playing for yourself. Being with a team helps motivate you and makes the tournament more exciting also.

After winning last week, what are your expectations going into the Bulldog Classic?

I want to keep it rolling this weekend and keep playing well and try to win again. Obviously, there are a lot of great players at these tournaments so I will have to be at my best. I am looking forward to getting back out on the court this weekend.

Does attending college close to home make the transition to college tennis easier?

I love being here. It's great being near home for college. I am on my own here, but I know that my family is nearby and it is great to have that support from family and friends for tennis and everything else.

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