Quotes from Bronco Classic - Day Two


Head coach George Husack, on Saturday's matches: "Today was a good day for us. We had a lot of competitive matches that will teach us a lot in the long run. The guys are really hanging in every match and putting forth a great effort."

Husack, on close matches: "Playing matches really shows the competiveness of players and Tommy, Jay and Blane have really shown that they are ready to play. They have just out-competed their opponents and that is what we have been preaching every day in practice."

Sophomore Aneal Vallurupalli, on today's win: "Yesterday I had two match points and I lost them both and the match. Today I just refused to lose and I was able to win two tough tiebreaks. Losing yesterday motivated me today and will keep motivating me every time I am in a close match."

Vallurupalli, on preseason: "We had a great preseason. It was just what we needed as a team and it has definitely helped us this weekend both physically and mentally."

Freshman Jay Wong, on advancing to semifinals: "Coming in to the tournament I was a little nervous, but as I started playing I forgot my nerves and just focused on my tennis. Every match has given me more confidence so I am just going to keep playing my game and see what happens."

Wong on team's support: "We have a very supportive group here. I definitely could not have won tonight without the team out there yelling and encouraging me. College tennis has been fun so far and the matches have a great atmosphere."

Sophomore Tommy Hicks, on another long match: "Today was one of the longest matches of my life. I was able to pull out the first set and I got up on him in the second and had some match points. I couldn't put him away though and we were both cramping so it was just a matter of will. I just hung tough and found a way to get through it again. Winning another tough match like this is huge for my confidence."

Hicks, looking ahead to semifinals: "I am just going to wake up tomorrow and stretch well and get some heat on my muscles. I have to keep taking the short balls and moving in on them. If I do that and stay mentally tough, I think that I will continue to have success."

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