Redshirt Junior Robert Gallman Discusses His Three P's

Redshirt Junior Robert Gallman Discusses His Three P's

Sept. 22, 2006

1) Last Spring I decided to look for a university that would allow me opportunities to further myself. My purpose last spring was to find a university that had opportunities for me. I had met Coach Husack in my senior year of high school while I was at the National Clay Court Championships. At that time I had already committed to attend another university and did not have any opportunity to attend Santa Clara University. I recalled how much character, integrity and commitment Coach Husack demonstrated. I also knew that he had given several opportunities to American players. I was in search of a university that recruited and played college age players in their program and where I could make a difference to their program. Another high priority was to be on a team composed of primarily American players. I had maintained a very high GPA so I wanted a really good university. I asked permission to speak with Coach Husack because I saw all the opportunities that I was looking to find here at Santa Clara University. All these opportunities here at Santa Clara would fulfill my purpose.

2) The summer for me has always been about improving my game for the coming season. I played in ten different tournaments this summer. Many of the tournaments were entry level pro tournaments and the remainders were Northern California Men's Open Level. For the past three summers I have played in these events in Northern California and they are very competitive. In between tournaments I maintained a fitness and practice workout through a daily designed program. In addition to all the practice and play, I attended summer school for both terms. So one could say I practiced at tennis and school this summer

3) I want my position on the team to bring value to the team. One of my strongest principles is that of a self-disciplined work ethic. Having a positive attitude is something that must exist for a team to be successful and I bring my positive attitude to share with the team. Experiences in play and college level work are both attributes that I will bring to my position on this team. I want to be part of a team that creates history for the university and I strongly feel this year we can be that team.

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