Q & A With Sophomore Tommy Hicks

Q & A With Sophomore Tommy Hicks

April 4, 2007

Sophomore Tommy Hicks of men's tennis sat down with SantaClaraBroncos.com to answer some questions prior to the team's match against Stanford.

Tommy, how do you feel coming off of such an intense match this last weekend against Harvard? In terms of fighting and running down balls, the Harvard match was one of my best matches of the season. This win gives me a lot of confidence because I know that I am capable of winning big matches in pressure situations. It also gives me the confidence that I am able to win matches when I am way down.

What were you thinking during the match; especially when you were initially down and rallied back to eventually win the tiebreaker? I knew that my opponent was getting tired and at times I felt that he was very nervous. Usually, I am very consistent from the baseline and wear my opponents out. During this particular match it was important for me to go for my shots and put pressure on him during the big points. I have played a lot of tournaments and matches over the years, which contributes to me being able to handle high pressure situations.

You have played in a few matches that have gone for long durations of time, is there anything you tell yourself to keep focused and motivated? If a match I am playing in goes for more than a couple hours I know that my opponent is probably tired. I try to make my opponents hit a lot of balls and always try to make them earn their points. I take great pride in my conditioning and I have won many tennis matches due to the fact that I am willing to stay out on the court longer.

How do you feel going into your next match against Stanford? I feel very confident. I am both mentally and physically prepared for the Stanford match.

How do you prepare yourself for game days? Before games I like to listen to music, especially artists and songs that will pump me up. I also always do the same stretches and almost always warm up with Jan Macek.

When you are not playing tennis what other things do you like to do? When I am not playing tennis I enjoy hanging out with my friends, working out, reading, or spending time outside.

What is something unique about yourself that you do not think many people will know? I am a triplet. My two sisters, Maddy and Laura, both go to the University of Oregon.

What is one of your pet peeves? When I am warming up with someone I do not like it when they miss shots.

What is an ideal day for you? What would you do, where would you go, and who would you be with? My ideal day would begin with me sleeping in, and then going to play tennis for a few hours. After playing tennis I would go for a run and lift weights for about an hour. When I was done working out I would listen to music and relax outside in the sun, and end the day by hanging out with my teammates and other Santa Clara students.

Is there anything particularly special that you look forward to after you graduate? I look forward to applying the wonderful education, social and athletic experiences that I am receiving at Santa Clara in the real world.

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