Quotes - Santa Clara vs. UC Santa Barbara


Head coach George Husack, on team: "We are playing good tennis. We had a tough early schedule and that has helped prepare us for the matches now. The team is going out and winning points and I am happy with the way the team is playing."

Husack, on team's attitude: "We talk every match about how to channel bad breaks in a positive manner and the team has done a great job with that. You have to go out and win the point no matter what happens. That is the attitude we have."

Husack, on Macek and Rasmussen in doubles: "At the beginning of the spring, they both said that they did not want to lose a doubles match this year. That has almost been the case. It is great going into doubles knowing that you can count on them for a good match."

Freshman Jay Wong, on his match: "I tried to stay on top of him throughout the match. I got an early edge and I just kept the pressure on him. I stayed focused and was able to play consistent tennis."

Wong, on winning streak: "Beating Arizona was a big turning point for us. We are all feeling really confident and these matches at home are great. There is a great atmosphere here and we have been taking advantage of our home court."

Senior Jan Macek, on his win today: "I have played a lot of good players this year and every match has been close. I have won some and lost some and today I was able to get a win. When I was down in the tiebreak, I just kept playing and swinging and I came back."

Macek, on his backhand: "I love hitting my backhand and today it definitely helped me. He is a good player and I needed every one of my backhands out there."

Macek, on playing one last season at SCU: "I am really enjoying playing this year. We have a great team and I am glad that I can be a part of it. We have another big match coming up against San Francisco, who we lost to in the conference tournament last year, so we are all fired up for that one."

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