Quotes - Santa Clara vs. Gonzaga


George Husack, on match: "The team played a very solid match today. Gonzaga was coming off a big win against UC Davis but we were ready for them. We also got some new guys in the lineup today. It was nice to get Steven (Benvenuto) and Kenzo (Hirakawa-Wong) in there. They had been doing well in practice."

Junior Robert Gallman, on win: "It was a nice win today because a lot of our guys were able to get on top of their opponents quickly. Getting a win like this is a nice confidence booster, especially since our matches were so tight the other day. We have played a lot of tight and close matches, and it was nice to have a day where everyone could feel really good about their games."

Gallman, on three-match winning streak: "I think everybody is feeling good; we are playing well and confidence is high. Saturday should be a pretty good match, but you never know what is going to happen in college tennis. We have to be ready to play right from the start."

Sophomore Tommy Hicks, on getting his first win: "I have been kind of on a slide and haven't been playing that well. It is tough when you lose over and over again, which has been happening because we have been playing really tough schools and there has been really no break in our schedule. Overall it feels really good to get a victory under my belt, and hopefully I can build from this win and use it as a stepping stone."

Hicks, on facing Oregon: "I am from Oregon, and it will be interesting since we are playing the Ducks and they know I am from there. Last year we lost to them, and this would be huge if we could get a victory tomorrow."

Hicks, on team's attitude: "It is really good, we have three ranked wins in a row, and we are in ranking now. We are looking to continue to build our program and do well. Personally, I just want to keep improving and working on things in my game; to continue to build on things, and work hard in every practice and match."

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