Quotes - Santa Clara vs. Hawai'i


Head coach George Husack, on match: "We always play close matches against Hawai'i. Today was another one of those. It was nice to be on our home court in a fun and intense atmosphere. Beating Arizona over the weekend gave us some confidence and winning another 4-3 match today gives us another boost."

Senior Bobby Rasmussen, on comeback: "Prior to that last game, Coach Husack told me that we needed my match to win. When I came out for that game down 5-4, he (Jeff Fitch) had a couple of big points and he got up on me. At 40-0, all I was thinking that I had to get every ball back. I was able to do enough to come back and win that game. In the last game, he nearly passed me at 30-30 and I got it back and then got a ball by him. That was huge and I was able to finish it out."

Rasmussen, on win over Hawai'i: "This is a big win. They are always a tough team to play against and if we had lost, we might have fallen out of the rankings. If we keep winning matches like today's match then we have a chance to move up the rankings."

Rasmussen on doubles play with Jan Macek: "Jan and I are feeling about as good as we have felt in a long time. We have only lost two matches this spring and we need to keep it up. The doubles points have been huge for us and that was true again today."

Junior Blane Shields, on doubles with Kevin McQuaid: "We are back in our groove. The win against Arizona on Saturday helped get us back on track. We are staying with our shots better and sticking to our game plan. Our execution is much better now also."

Shields, on singles win: "I felt great out there in singles. I am glad that I was able to help the team today. We needed every win that we could get today and I was able to get one."

Shields, on dual match win: "The past couple of years we have also had 4-3 wins against Hawai'i so we knew that we would have to be at our best. It was nice to be at home today because we were able to create a good, vocal atmosphere that I think helped push some guys through their matches today."

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