Q&A With Sophomore Tennis Player Brian Brogan

Q&A With Sophomore Tennis Player Brian Brogan

Sophomore Brian Brogan of men's tennis sat down with SantaClaraBroncos.com to answer some questions prior to the team's big match against Boise State.

Both you and Jay Wong got off to good starts in dual matches last week. What were the keys for both of you to starting some well?

Jay and I grew up together, and were number one and number two in Northern California. We tried separated ourselves from everybody, and during matches we are playing on the courts next to each other. During matches we are focused on the point and to not give our opponent the chance to get back in the match. We push ourselves constantly, and playing next to each other we can encourage each other.

After a successful weekend against UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz, what are your expectations for this weekend's match against top ranked Boise State?

We know that Boise State is a top team; however both of us are playing well. All we can ask for is to play our best, and if we come out and play well we have the opportunity to do something big.

What are your expectations for this season?

This season our team is developing from last year, we are bigger and much smarter. All we can do is work hard and see what happens. We have a great opportunity to do something big, and take our progress and hard work to the next level.

The team also had some good matches against Arizona State and San Diego State two weeks ago. Did those performances against ranked teams give the team confidence that you can compete with the top teams in the nation?

My brother recently made the Arizona State team, and he continuously would tell me that his team was better than ours. This gave me the drive to play better, to prove myself more and our results are evidence of that. Doing well against those teams gave our team confidence that we are good and is an indicator of what we were going to establish this year.

What was it like seeing your brother on the other team at the San Diego State tournament? What did you tell him after he played Tommy Hicks?

My brother and I are very competitive; during the whole tournament we had no direct communication. Both my brother and I would send messages through our dad, but we did not communicate much. During the Hicks and Brogan match there was a lot of tension, and everyone there could feel it. After the match we did not really speak. We are ok now though.

Do you have any pre-match rituals?

For this weekend's match I want to relax and fully prepare myself. I want to get my game ready both mentally and physically. Before the match I do not want to make it too intense, so I can go out and do what I do.

What do you like to do off the court?

Well currently tennis is my life, which I love, but outside of tennis I enjoy playing cards for fun, hanging out with my friends, and going home once in a while and spending time with my twelve year old brother.

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