European Road Rules

European Road Rules

July 3, 2005

Entry 2: Check out my abs!

Monday I felt good because I got a lot of rest from the weekend because I knew I had a long week of tennis ahead of me. We had to wake up at 7:30 now because we now are starting at 8:30-12:30 and then 3:30-7 Mon.-Fri. Monday morning went well and I felt like I had plenty of energy throughout the day. We did control dills and then played out points. After the workout we did abs and ran for 40 minutes. After we took the train home we had lunch, which was pasta and chicken, then went back for anther long session of tennis. In the afternoon, we played out points and I worked a lot on my backhand. When I got home I talked to Jess and my family online and then had dinner and went to bed.

Tuesday my body still felt very good and I still felt strong. Like always, we did control workouts in the morning, which are very hard because you are always moving. After I worked one-on-one with a coach on my backhand, I felt like it was getting a lot better. After tennis we went straight to the gym and lifted and did sprints. When I thought we were done out trainer told us to go on a 30-min. run. When I got home we had more pasta for lunch and went straight back to workout. In the afternoon we worked a lot on staying low and getting your legs into to every shot. After, we played points, where I thought I played very well. When I got home I again talked to my parents online and got a calling card to call Jess to let her know how I was doing.

Wednesday I was still feeling good but a little tired of waking up so early. We had a very hard workout where we did control for an hour straight and didn't get one water break, I thought I was going to die. The workout went by fast because we were training so hard. After the tennis we were again in the gym for an intense ab and leg workout. Again after we had to go on a 40-min. run. I told the coaches that I needed a break in the afternoon to rest because I felt beat. When I got home I didn't even eat lunch and went straight to my room and took a four-hour nap. When I got up I was very hungry and eat but went string back to bed after I finished my dinner.

Thursday I felt like I had some energy back even though I was still very sore from all the training. I made an energy drink which helped me get through the morning, which again was some more crazy control drill where you have to run a lot for every ball. After I hit around 200 more backhands and then was done in the morning. After tennis we did anther ab workout and I didn't even think there was this many workouts for your abs. After the abs we went on an hour run and went straight home to eat. For lunch we had hotdogs and French fries and then I had to go straight back to workout again. In the afternoon I played a set against a girl who is ranked 250 in the world and her coach told me to beat her down as bad as I could. I won the set 6-1 and felt like I played pretty good tennis. After the workout we had yet anther ab work out. When I got home I called Jess to let her know how I was doing and to check in with her. After I got off the phone I watched Spain Idol, which is just like American Idol, and then went straight to bed.

Friday I was really beat, when I got up I knew I wasn't going to have a good day at tennis. When I was warming up I couldn't get any of my legs into the shots and wanted to move but my body just wouldn't let me. It turned out I played the worst tennis since I've been there and new it was coming. After I got through the long painful workout I was very mad that I played so bad. The coaches told me to relax in the afternoon because I looked so beat. I still did my fitness workout after which was running for 40 min and lifting. When I got home I went straight to sleep for four hours got up had dinner which was pizza and then went back to bed.

On Saturday was a very lonely day because I was the only one in the house. I didn't do much just watched a bunch of shows of CSI on my DVD player and went on a run. I got to call Jess and my parents and talk to them which made me feel good. I still went to bed early because I was still tired from the training in the weekend.

Today I am alone in the house again and I've already gone for my run and have watched some CSI shows because I don't understand the Spanish on the T.V. I am getting able to write back everyone I've laid off for the week because I've been so busy. I am drinking lots of water because I have my first tournament tomorrow and need to be plenty rested for it. It turns out my first tournament is on hard court. I am going to bed early so that I am ready for my match tomorrow.


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