Up Close & Personal with Tennis Supporters

March 25, 2004

What did you enjoy most about today's invitational?

Bo Rodgers '67 MBA '72
"The level of competition and seeing old friends."

Fred Smith
"Being new to the department and the university, it's been a great opportunity to meet the supporters of the men's tennis program, and get to know the student-athletes better."

Dorothea French, SCU History Professor
"I enjoyed every match. It was most fun playing with Bobby. He is an awesome player and what a gentleman. All of the guys are so nice. It's been a great experience."

Kim Rupert '77
"Last year was my first time participating in this event. It was fun to return and see everybody again."

Josh Hogan
"It was a great, relaxing afternoon. You could tell there was a lot of banter going on between the former and current players."

Ryan Pang '98
"It was great not to have to wake up so early. I play better in the afternoon."

Jim Miller '86
"This is my first time back to campus. I work at a tennis shop in Mountain View and a customer of ours mentioned it and got me involved. It's been a great experience. The facilities exceeded my expectations and the guys on the team are so incredibly polite."

Gerry Lu
"There's a lot of new faces, but at the same time it's great to see the older guys coming back. It was just a great turnout this year and every year, the competition is getting better."

Eric Kochanski '05
"It was fun playing against my teammates with former players."

Erich Chen '04
"I've devoted four years of my life to this thing. I can't wait to come back and participate as an alumni."

Stephan Vernaelde '05, Men's Tennis Team Manager
"It was great to see the past compared to the present."

Did anything particularly funny happen on the courts today?

Chris Fowler '90
"I nailed Erich Chen in the back of his head with a backhand. He didn't think it was particularly funny, but I thought it was."

Dorothea French, SCU History Professor
"I just ran into one of my former students, Chris Fowler. I taught him when he was a freshman. He's still laughing about acing my final exam."

Eric Kochanski '05
"We beat Bobby 5-0 in one round, but then he ended up winning the whole thing."

Scott Watters '00
"Gernot hit this backhand lob over Jim Bedilion for a winner. It was the most amazing shot I saw all day."

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