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Feb. 27, 2004

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A New Year and A New Season...
The Broncos kicked off their 2004 campaign under blue skies at the Santa Clara University Tennis Center and welcomed friends, family, classmates and a pair of teams, UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis, for opening day. There was much anticipation as the Broncos had added experience, depth and talent in four newcomers to complement their strong returning class. "We have a solid mix of players who believe they can accomplish a lot this season," George Husack said. "They prepared well in fall competition and are ready to go. Today should be very exciting."

The long day began early at 8:00 a.m. with breakfast at Kramer's Bagels, a team favorite. Following hours of hitting, grunting, stretching, feet pumping and cheering, the Broncos scored a pair of victories over their fiesty opponents and left the courts just as the clock struck 6:00 p.m. Game balls were awarded to junior Taylor Bedilion for his dominating performance all day long, as well as freshman Bobby Rasmussen, who recorded his first collegiate singles and doubles victories against UC Davis. The keys to Santa Clara's success this season will center on a few basic and important principles.

Commitment, the first standard, carried over from the previous year as many players, both new and returning, worked out on campus over the summer and prepared themselves early for the new year. The second factor, challenge, defined the fall season as the Broncos competed in four consecutive tournaments soon after arriving on campus and worked hard on developing their games in practice and competition. The final element for the Broncos, the ability to compete, involved setting aside the focus on wins, losses and rankings, while sticking to the day-to-day basics. Extensive individual workouts have supplemented regular practices, as the coaching staff works on specific individual needs, in addition to getting the players to attack more often and establishing a high level of positive energy. "We take pride in pushing each other in practice and being the most vocal and supportive team in competition. This has created an intensity and standard that we want to maintain throughout the year while allowing the results to speak for themselves. As Santa Clara University has its three C's in competence, conscience and compassion, we have ours. Let's get it on."

Bronco Pro-Am Invitational...
Join the Broncos for an afternoon of doubles competition at the annual Bronco Pro-Am Invitational on Saturday, March 20 from 2:00-6:00 p.m. at the Santa Clara University Tennis Center. The event will feature four rounds of casual, yet intense, doubles matches with current and former Bronco tennis players, a championship super tiebreaker final for the coveted Pro-Am title, a buffet dinner and unlimited laughs, high fives, embellished stories and good times.

Along with the friendly competition and tasty food, all entrants will receive an official Pro-Am t-shirt, membership to the Silver Racquet Club and be eligible to win fabulous gifts and prizes. Proceeds generated from the event will directly benefit the Broncos' Spring Break trip to Southern California and Arizona from March 22-29. Invitations will be mailed out, though all interested Bronco fans and Pro-Am grinders may enter early via email or phone call to George Husack at or (408)554-4069.

HOH - Hecklers on the Hill...
There's a new group of fans on campus and one doesn't have to go far to find them on matchday. HOH, or Hecklers on the Hill, is the official fan club of Santa Clara Tennis. Composed primarily of students, the group debuted at the SCU Tennis Center last January for the Broncos' opening day doubleheader. HOH memberships cost just $5 and provide fans with an official club t-shirt, complimentary food at all home matches and the opportunity to heckle as passionately as possible for their Broncos. The "hill", located adjacent to Court #3, serves as home base for the hecklers as they can witness tennis action from all the courts, soak up the sun on warm days and gobble up plenty of food. Tasty barbecues grilled up by the "Pit Bull" (George Husack Sr.), "Big Dave" (David Najour) and "The Rock" (Rick Ruso Sr.) have been a staple on the HOH menu with freshly baked cookies and brownies for dessert. Special thanks to Anita Chen, Annie Husack, Jane Najour and Beth Ruso for their continued support of HOH. Plans are to increase membership during the course of the season with the main event set for late April when the West Coast Conference Championships are held at the Broncos' House.

Bronco Bits...
Gernot Fischer and Ben Hidalgo were named Bronco Scholar-Athletes of the Week during the current winter quarter...Gernot posted a 3.60 fall quarter gpa while Benny registered a 3.67 in his first year of business school...Silver Racquet Club support has already eclipsed last year's record memberships as of Feb. 20 equalled an amazing $26,675...The Broncos bid sophomore Ted Blosser a fond farewell as he decided to concentrate on his electrical engineering studies this season...Erich Chen, Rick Ruso and Francisco Zepponi were voted team captains by their peers...Ruso has also been jamming with his newly formed acoustic band - 735 Institution...Brett Masi partnered with Fred LaRocca of Charles Schwab to win the Big Hitters Pro-Am Doubles Tournament benefitting youth programs of Youth Tennis Advantage.

Meet A New Bronco...
Bobby Rasmussen
Yr: Freshman
Major: Business
Home: Greenwood Village,CO
Nickname: BRas
Fav Food: Prime Rib
Least Favorite: Broccoli or Cauliflower
Favorite place on campus: Mission Gardens or area behind the mission...a beautiful place.
Favorite movie: Rounders
Favorite song: 'Keep The Customer Satisfied', by Simon and Garfunkel
Favorite sports teams: Colorado Avalanche of the NHL, Team France (Soccer) and Team Sweden (Hockey)
If I wasn't playing tennis, I'd be: Skiing or playing hockey.
If there was a movie about me, it would be: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

All in the Family
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