Fast Break With Soccer's Brian Martin

Fast Break With Soccer's Brian Martin

Oct. 17, 2008

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Santa Clara men's soccer senior forward Brian Martin is one of the team's four leading scorers this season, netting two goals thus far. Martin checked in with to talk about the season thus far, his favorite aspect of the game, Mexican food and C.C. Sabathia.

The Broncos (2-6-3, 0-2-1 WCC) host Loyola Marymount and San Diego in West Coast Conference action this weekend at Buck Shaw Stadium. Both contests are a part of doubleheaders with the women's soccer team. Besides it being your senior season, how does this year differ or standout from other seasons?
Brian Martin: I relish the leadership role that I have. When you are younger, you don't realize everything you're going to go through. I can give advice because I understand how the season's going to go and I've been there before. It's a more of a comfortable situation.

SCB: What was it about soccer that hooked you?
BM: It's funny you ask that because soccer was never my favorite sport until I started high school. I always played basketball or tennis or even baseball before that. Soccer ended up as the sport I was best at. Soccer really molded to my skill set and I really embraced it. It's definitely my favorite sport.

SCB: What's your favorite aspect of the game?
BM: The free flow. I don't think in American sports you get that free flowing constant action that you get in soccer. I think in a lot of American sports you get a lot of whistles and commercials. But this is just 45 minutes, small break, and another 45 minutes. It's just players understanding each other and the movement of the game and I really enjoy that the most. The players are in control.

SCB: So, what gets you pumped up for a game?
BM: I sometimes get a little too pumped up for the games. So, I try to relax before a game. Early in my career I've gotten really excited in games and ended up getting yellow cards off crazy tackles. I think it happened last year against San Francisco. I was just so pumped up we were on TV. I had a stupid foul and got a yellow card and it messed up my game. So I learned with maturity just to relax. I do listen to music but it's more to get me in the zone and focused on the game.

SCB: Anyone on the team surprising you this year?
BM: You're always going to expect some freshmen to do well because there's always a freshman that's going to start. Connor Mitchell has had a good impact this season. He scored two game-winners. One he scored with 46 seconds left and unfortunately we gave up a PK against Cal, but that could have been a game-winner. Then against Stanford he scored a game-winner as well. He's played really well and taken to his role really well.

SCB: What's your favorite thing to do to celebrate a win?
BM: Being around my teammates is just great. The camaraderie after the game in the locker room and the joy that everyone has afterwards is great.

SCB: What are your plans for after graduation?
BM: I'll graduate with a finance degree. Right now I'm applying for jobs in finance. As for soccer, I'd really like to take soccer as far as it can go for me. But a lot of those things aren't in my control. So I'm trying to play as well as possible and if any opportunity were to work out, I'd definitely take that opportunity to play at the next level.

SCB: Why did you choose Santa Clara?
BM: There was definitely that West Coast appeal, but in the past there have been players from Milwaukee that have played for Santa Clara. On the women's side there was Leslie Osborne and then Devin Skrade and Jason Pan also played for my club team. I knew they went to Santa Clara and it's California, so who can resist snow! I really wanted to go somewhere where I could play soccer year round outdoors and you don't have that opportunity in the Midwest or the Northeast. SCU was a great fit.

SCB: What do you do to relax in your spare time?
BM: I really like movies a lot. Movies are probably my favorite media. I read a little bit but with movies I can really relax and hang out. I have roommates that also enjoy that passion so we're usually in the living room enjoying that passion with our downtime.

SCB: What kind of movies do you like?
BM: Gangster movies. I love the Godfathers and Goodfellas. I don't think they get much better than that.

SCB: What's your favorite food?
BM: Mexican. That's definitely one reason I don't think I can leave California. I can't do without Mexican food for a week at most. I have to have it every other day.

SCB: Where's your favorite place to get Mexican?
BM: Chavez Market up the 101. It's about 10 minutes away and that's by far my favorite Mexican restaurant as far as burritos are concerned. But if I'm trying to get a quick fix, I'll go to La Vics downtown.

SCB: Who's your favorite athlete?
BM: C.C. Sabathia. I'm from Milwaukee and the first time the Brewers have ever made the playoffs in my lifetime was this year and a huge reason was because of C.C Sabathia's pitching. He got the Brewers to the playoffs almost single handedly. I think he's my favorite athlete at the moment and although they only played four games, I enjoyed all four games.

SCB: What's something most people don't know about you?
BM: I really enjoy art. I've taken art history classes and often to go museums or exhibits in San Francisco. I've also done photography on my own and in classes. I really enjoy that aspect of the art world.

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