Eric Masch, Q&A With All-WCC Forward

Eric Masch, Q&A With All-WCC Forward

Feature by Student Assistant Rico Chow (RC)

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Santa Clara men's soccer rising junior Eric Masch (EM), a 2009 All-WCC Honorable Mention and WCC All-Academic Team Honoree, emerged as one of the best forwards in the league in just his second season as a Bronco student-athlete. He played all 20 contests last fall and scored five goals, which was second most goals on the team. This bright striker will shoulder our future Bronco team for a great season next fall.

RC: How would you evaluate your performance last season? Are you satisfied?

EM: From my freshman year to sophomore year was a great improvement. I felt I was able to make a bigger contribution to the success of the team by scoring more goals and earning a bigger role within the team. I am satisfied with my performance, but always continue to improve my game and greatly anticipate next year.

RC: What is the difference between last season and the 2008 season? Do you feel any changes that occur in your game, which contributed to the last season's success?

EM: I think one of the main differences between the seasons is the experience of playing together. In 2008 we were a very young team, and still are, but the core of the team now has played together for some time. We continue to build our team chemistry and push each other hard in practice so we can get even better. In my game specifically, I feel I have become more dangerous near the goal, creating better scoring opportunities for myself and my teammates.

RC: Playing every Bronco contest must build up enormous fatigue on your body. How do you rest and take care of your body after each game?

EM: Each game has its own set of nicks and bruises so it is important to get everything taken care of to be ready for the next practice or the next game. Whether it's taking an ice bath or spending extra time with a cool down and stretch, every little thing helps to reduce fatigue and help my muscles recover. Our coaches always stress the importance of getting down to the training room and taking care of these things so we can be ready to play.

RC: If you were to play soccer in different country, which country do you want to play in and why?

EM: I was lucky enough to travel to Germany during the World Cup in 2006 and discovered Munich to be the single favorite city I have traveled to. So if I were to play in another country, I would definitely choose Germany because of the beauty of the country and the intense soccer environment.

RC: What are your goals in the college soccer career as a Bronco?

EM: First and foremost, I want to win a National Championship! I think that is the goal that everyone on the team is working toward day in and day out. I would also like to be the leading goal scorer within the team and within the league as well as reach my full potential as a soccer player. These are some of the goals I keep in mind everyday out on the practice field and will continue to push myself to realize these goals.


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