Kent Talks About His Bronco Experience and Offseason Goals

Kent Talks About His Bronco Experience and Offseason Goals

Madison Dutra '17

Sophomore Haru Kent (HK) of the men's soccer team caught up with Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) about his transition into a new country, as well as his hopeful outlook on recovering and accomplishing team goals for this offseason.

SCB: Being originally from Japan, how has the transition been coming to California and being so far away from your family?

HK: It's definitely been tough at times living so far away from my family, but being a part of the team and the friends that I have made here at school have helped me through the years. On top of that, I can always talk to my family via Skype or text so I feel pretty good about that. The only thing I haven't fully transitioned to is probably the food.  I don't know if I ever will!

SCB: Do you think this transition has helped you become more independent and self-sufficient as both as an athlete and student?

HK: Living in a different country and not having your family around all the time definitely makes you more self-sufficient and independent. It's weird not having anyone telling you what to do or how to live your life. I think we often times take for granted the luxury of our parents taking care of us, but eventually you move away and start working in various countries, so this transition has helped me get a good head start. 

SCB: What are you looking to improve on most during this offseason?

HK: This offseason I'm looking to improve my overall strength and speed. Coming back from an injury and getting back to 100% is never easy, but the staff has done a great job assisting me through to fully recover. 

SCB: What are your team goals for next season?

HK: Our team goals have always been to win conference first off and then to win the national championship. I'm sticking with these goals!

SCB: What is something that your fellow Broncos might not know about the men's soccer team? 

HK: This is a really tough question but I'd have to say all of us are really unique individuals and we treat each other like actual brothers, which sometimes gets pretty crazy. 

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