Dylan Autran Talks About Men's Soccer Spring Season

Dylan Autran Talks About Men's Soccer Spring Season

In the final week of the Bronco men's soccer team's spring season, SantaClaraBroncos.com (SCU) had a chance to talk to Dylan Autran (DA) about how the team is doing so far. The sophomore midfielder has made a huge contribution to the team's success over the last two years, while dealing with an injury in his freshman year and the rigorous academic schedule in the SCU Business School.

SCU: How is spring season going for the team so far?

DA: So far, I think it's been pretty successful given that we have gone undefeated in our first three games (1 win, 2 ties), but it's obvious that we still have some things we need to work on offensively and in our mentality.  

SCU: After your injury last year, what was going through your mind? Was it difficult to get back in shape? How were you able to cope with the mental toll that an injury may take?

DA: It was unfortunate because up until that point, I'd had a lot of injuries. One more was tough to deal with, but I'm pretty good at staying up with my physical therapy, so getting back into it wasn't too bad. 

SCU: Do you have any superstitions or rituals that you or the team does to prepare for games?

DA: As a team, we have a few pregame rituals, but I have to keep that within the team haha. Individually though, I have a routine that usually involves going into the training room about an hour before the game to make sure my body's feeling right. 

SCU: How does the team train in the off-season (winter and spring) to prepare for the upcoming fall season? 

DA: The offseason is tough because we're only allowed two hours a week with the ball, and yet we train 5-6 days a week, which means we do a lot of running and strength work in the weight room. 

SCU: What is your favorite meal the night before a game?

DA: The night before a game I usually like to keep it light, so pasta and chicken is usually a good option.