Max Ornstil Looks Forward to Sophomore Season

Max Ornstil Looks Forward to Sophomore Season

Written by Lauren Matheson '13, Sports Assistant

Bay Area native Max Ornstil (MO) will report to preseason camp this month in preparation for his second season as a Bronco. After making an immediate impact his freshman year achieving a spot on the West Coast Conference All-Freshman Team, Ornstil looks to make a difference in the midfield once again. Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) caught up with Ornstil to discuss his growth and the season ahead. 

SCB: How have you grown as a player after competing a year at the collegiate level?

MO: After a year of competing at the collegiate level I think I have definitely grown into a much more mature player.  After getting accustomed to the level of play, I have learned to play quicker and read the game more efficiently.  I think that has helped me both physically and mentally in my play and development as a player.  

SCB: What are you looking forward to the most going into your sophomore season?

MO: Going into my sophomore season, I think I'm most looking forward to meeting back up with the team and having another run at a WCC Championship and the College Cup.  Our team is really close and I'm definitely looking forward to getting back on the field with my teammates and competing for championships.    

SCB: What sort of training did you do over the break to prepare for the season?

MO: Over the summer break I was fortunate enough to spend five weeks in Tucson playing with a team called FC Tucson.  It was a semi-professional team playing in the Premier Development League, which is made up of mostly college players, graduated college players and ex pros. It was definitely an awesome experience and soccer opportunity. 

SCB: Did you enjoy the experience with the team in Tucson?

MO: It was great.  It is definitely something I am glad I did and something I hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the future.  I had the chance to play against top competition on a day-to-day basis, take advantage of premier facilities, and receive high level coaching.  They had a very loyal and supportive fan base, which added to the excitement of games and created a professional environment.  It gave me the opportunity to continue to improve and stay in shape during the off season and allow me to go into the season in stride.

SCB: Last season you appeared in all 19 games and made the 2012 WCC All-Freshman Team. What sort of individual goals have you set for yourself this season?

MO: I definitely would like to appear in all games again and hopefully start all that I am capable of.  I also hope to receive another WCC selection, but winning a WCC championship as a team is a much greater priority.  I'd also like to get on the score sheet at least once. Having hit the post a few times last year, I'm still looking for my first goal. 

SCB: What game are you particularly looking forward to this season?

MO: There are a lot of games I'm looking forward to this season but definitely one I'm very excited about is our game against the University of Washington.  Not only are they a great team but my neighbor and one of my best friends plays for UW. We have a lot of bragging rights riding on that game. 

SCB: Do you have any superstitions and/or pre-game routines?

MO: Yeah I tend to be pretty superstitious when it comes to games.  I definitely put my cleats, socks and shin guards on in a very specific order.  Every once in a while if I play bad I might change up my routine or if I play really good, I'll try and recreate that specific routine.  

SCB: What advice would you give to the incoming freshmen on your team?

MO: My main piece of advice would be for them to just enjoy this experience.  This is a great opportunity to grow as a person and player while getting a great education.  Some other important things I'd tell them is to be confident, have fun, work hard and all the rest will fall into place. 

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