Carlos Montes Prepares for Senior Season

Carlos Montes Prepares for Senior Season

Written by Lauren Matheson '13, Sports Assistant

As a freshman, Carlos Montes (CM) was a part of an impactful first-year class that helped the Bronco men's soccer team win the 2010 West Coast Conference Championship, the 11th in the program's history. Since then, Montes has remained a key player for the Broncos gaining All-WCC Honors and recognition from professional teams. With the 2013 season fast approaching, Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) caught up with Montes to talk about his experience as a Bronco and what he has been doing over the break to prepare for his senior season. 

SCB: As a senior, what are you going to miss most about being at Santa Clara?

CM: As a senior, I will definitely miss the night games played on our home field at Santa Clara. The anticipation and build up along with playing under the lights was always a great feeling that will be missed. 

SCB: What sort of legacy do you think you and other seniors will leave for the rest of the team?

CM: I hope that our senior class can leave a sense of hard work and pride for the rest of the team to continue to live and train by everyday on the field. It's always a proud feeling to be able to represent SCU, a school with great soccer history.

SCB: What are you looking forward to most this upcoming season?

CM: This upcoming season, I am looking forward to getting started. Coming back for preseason is always an exciting time. You get to start with a clean slate and begin training in the hopes of building a championship team for the season.

SCB: How did you spend your summer break? What sort of training did you do?

CM: I spent my summer break training in Tucson, Ariz. and playing on the PDL team: FC Tucson. This summer my main focus was on maintaining a high fitness and working on the technical aspect of the game.

SCB: How was it playing with FC Tucson and Houston Dynamo?

CM: It was great to be back playing for FC Tucson. The fans are always great providing an awesome soccer environment. I also had the honor of being able to train with professional MLS teams Houston Dynamo and the Colorado Rapids. Their trainings were a huge eye-opener. The speed of the game is much faster, but it was great to be able to gain some experience and play against and with some pros.

SCB: What goals has the team set for this season?

CM: Our two main goals are always to win a WCC title and a National Championship. In order to reach these goals, the challenge will be emphasizing the importance of our quality in trainings every single day we step out on the field.

SCB: Last year you finished the season with three goals, three assists, with 26 shots on goal, what sort of individual goals have you set for yourself this season?

CM: This year, my individual goals are to lead the team in either goals or assists and do everything I can to help us win.

SCB: You also played in all 19 games last season; do you do anything in particular to keep healthy throughout the season?

CM: I don't think I do anything secret for staying healthy during our season. I simply do the little things like stretching everyday and attempting to eat as healthy as possible.

SCB: Do you have any superstitions or pre-game routines?

CM: I have to do a walk and stretch or juggle the ball every morning on game day.

SCB: Is there any game that you are specifically looking forward to?

CM: I am really looking forward to our away game against New Mexico because they are usually a top 25 team.

SCB: Looking back at your time here as a Bronco, what will be your most memorable moment?

CM: My most memorable moment as a Bronco will definitely be the day we won the WCC title my freshman year.

SCB: What advice would you give to the incoming freshmen on you team?

CM: I would tell the freshmen to enjoy their time at Santa Clara and make the most out of every fall season because it goes by fast. The hard work put in on the off seasons always pays off in the fall.

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