With Parents As Bronco Alums, Hegardt Is Enjoying Freshman Year

With Parents As Bronco Alums, Hegardt Is Enjoying Freshman Year

Jared Hegardt (JH), a freshman forward/midfielder from San Diego, has learned a lot from his older teammates in his first year as a member of the Santa Clara men's soccer team. Hegardt gained key playing experience as a freshman, as he appeared in 15 games. He has really cherished being able to develop bonds with his teammates on and off of the field. Both of Hegardt's parents are Santa Clara graduates and that definitely makes his college experience even more fulfilling. SantaClaraBroncos.com (SCB) sat down with Hegardt to discuss how his first year as a Bronco has turned out.

SCU: How has your first year at SCU been with the men's soccer program?

JH: My first year at SCU playing for the men's soccer team was definitely very fun. I got the chance to play with Erik Hurtado who now is playing professionally and I learned a lot from him and the other upperclassmen. It was a good experience overall.

SCU: Did you reach most/all of your goals you were expecting?

JH: Our team did not make the NCAA tournament, which was certainly a bit of a downer because we had a good team that could of made a nice run in the tournament, but we had a very good season all in all.

SCU: What's special about the SCU men's soccer team and talk about the team chemistry?

JH: What's special about the SCU men's program is that we are always hanging out whether it is at the dorms or off campus at one of the upperclassmen's houses. We have developed strong bonds that have translated well to our chemistry on the field. It's tough love though - we hold each other to high expectations.

SCU: Are you enjoying spring season, and what are some of the goals that the team has set for the spring?

JH: Yes I am enjoying the spring season because we could only work together for two hours during the winter quarter. In the spring season we are trying to shift our style of play to one that is more possession-based compared to the past years where it was more of a long ball style of play.

SCU: Do you and the team do anything in order to fulfill these goals that have been set?

JH: We set a high standard for ourselves because we are capable of reaching that goal and developing a better style of soccer.

SCU: What do you think sets SCU men's soccer apart from any other university?

JH: Santa Clara is set apart from other schools is the fact that we work very hard. We are always striving to get better.

SCU: Both of your parents went to Santa Clara.  Did that weigh in your decision-making on where to go to college?

JH: There was definitely a proclivity for me to go to Santa Clara because my parents were alumni, but when I was visiting schools Santa Clara stood out to me because the weather is great, the school is beautiful, and they have a good soccer program.


Go Broncos!