Carlos Montes Emerging as One of the League's Top Players

Carlos Montes Emerging as One of the League's Top Players

By, Sara Vierra '14

Junior forward/midfielder Carlos Montes (San Jose, Calif./James Lick HS) is in the midst of an outstanding collegiate soccer career with the Broncos and has emerged as one of the league's top players this season. Although he enjoys all sports, Montes has always held soccer in higher preference, and never thought twice about pursuing it at the collegiate level. Starting to play organized soccer at age seven, Montes (CM) is now in his third season with the Broncos, and shares with (SCB) some of his favorite soccer moments, why he chose SCU and what his aspirations are for the future.

SCB: How old were you when you started to play soccer?

CM: I was seven years old when I first officially started playing soccer on an organized team.

SCB: You have stated in your bio that you enjoy all sports, and even golfed and ran cross country in high school. How did you decide to pursue soccer?

CM: Soccer was always my favorite sport so it was never a hard decision. Even from a young age I knew that soccer was what I wanted to follow as a possible profession and it was something that I was truly passionate about. Golf was just a sport I enjoyed to play.

SCB: What led you to your decision to attend Santa Clara University?

CM: I decided to attend and commit to Santa Clara University for many reasons. I think the most important one was that I would still be very close to home which would allow my family and friends to come and support me at every home game. Also, as a child, I always imagined myself going here. It is a great school academically and it has great history with soccer.

SCB: What has been your most memorable moment or experience with the soccer team?

CM: The most memorable moment was the day we won the WCC Conference (title). It was a great feeling and such an accomplishment that we did as a team.

SCB: What do you find to be the most appealing thing about attending school at Santa Clara University?

CM: The most appealing thing about attending school at Santa Clara University is the importance given to success whether it be academically or athletically. I feel like the mindset of winning and succeeding is really just a part of the culture here.

SCB: What does it mean to you to have your family so near by and able to come support you in your games?

CM: It means a lot to me to have my family nearby and always attending my games. They have never missed a home game and I feel extremely lucky to have such a loving and supporting family.

SCB: You have also stated that you would like to play professionally-- who would you like to play for?

CM: It has always been my dream to play professionally. I would like to maybe play for the SJ Earthquakes, but I would be happy playing anywhere in the MLS or even in Mexico.

SCB: Do you have any pre-game rituals or meals?

CM: My pre-game ritual is taking my pre-game nap, while listening to some rap/hip hop to get me relaxed and in the zone!