Finishing Strong: Danny Maeda Reflects Back on His SCU Career

Finishing Strong: Danny Maeda Reflects Back on His SCU Career

BY: Jessica Shusko '15

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- Senior Danny Maeda is in his final season here for the Bronco men's soccer team. Maeda has seen much success in his four years as a midfielder and defender, helping SCU win a West Coast Conference championship while also excelling in the classroom. He will soon be graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in Japanese.

This Sunday will be 'Senior Day' at Buck Shaw Stadium when the Broncos host Gonzaga at 2 p.m.  With this upcoming event, Maeda (DM) sat down with (SCB) to reflect back on his four years on the Mission campus.

SCB: How does it feel to be in your final season with the Broncos?

DM: It's crazy. I cant believe that four years have gone by already. I never thought it would be here so fast. It is weird.

SCB: Sunday is your Senior Day game at Buck Shaw Stadium. What goals do you have for this game?

DM: Winning the game is goal number one. Then make it a shutout game. Win by four or five goals, one of them scored by me … that would be a good game.

SCB: As you reflect back on your career here on the Mission campus, is there anything you would change?

DM: No, you can't change what already happened. You went through it, and did for a reason and all you can do is look forward.

SCB: What is one of your favorite memories you have during you career playing for the Broncos?

DM: Still one of my favorites is playing at Portland my freshman year. I was playing right back, got the ball from (Takahide Kameya), crossed it to (Erik Hurtado) who laid off for (Rodrigo Da Silva) and he scored. A little freshmen connection I will never forget. The 3-2 comeback win against USF will always be one of my favorites and this year's win 3-2 at Portland in overtime was amazing.

SCB: How do you think you have evolved as a player since your freshman year?

DM: I have become stronger, smarter and increased my knowledge of playing every position.

SCB: How much dedication did it take to be an engineering major on top of being a collegiate athlete?

DM: Probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. It is so hard to stay disciplined and on top of your work but also putting in the time on the field. It is a never-ending grind. No one said it was going to be easy, and that's why I did it.

SCB: Do you have any goals for yourself as you come toward the end of your senior year season?

DM: Keep on keeping on. Putting my team in the best position to win every game of this conference and into playoffs … winning a national championship and having fun along the way sounds pretty good too. Also, playing with zero regrets.