Character Amps It Up For His Senior Season of Soccer

Character, Ricky
Character, Ricky

Written by Student Assistant Stephen Hobbs ‘11

    Fifth-year senior Ricky Character (RC) knows exactly what it takes for men’s soccer team to get back to the NCAA Tournament. The native of Memphis, Tennessee, a midfielder, is spending the off-season recovering from shoulder surgery and preparing to become an integral leader for the Broncos this season. sat down with the eldest of the Character brothers to learn more about his experiences at Santa Clara. 

SCU: This is going to be your fifth year as a part of the team, what has been the best part about playing soccer at Santa Clara?
RC: My first two years we went to the Elite Eight and the Sweet 16 so those have been my best memories on the field.  Off the field, it has been great being a part of the team because it is like a big family.  We all get along great together and we can have a good time wherever we go.

SCU: What was it like having your brother on team with you last season? Is it something you are used to or was it a little different for you?
RC: It was really fun having Devin on the team.  We get along pretty well most of the time so him being on the team wasn’t a problem at all.  It was something I was kind of used to before because when I was a senior on my high school soccer team, Devin was a freshman on the team.

SCU: What aspect of your game do you feel is a strength for you?
RC: Dribbling and taking defenders on.  I love getting the ball with time and space and then attacking a defender and going to goal 

SCU: What would you like to focus on individually before the season starts?
RC: Leadership.  Because it is my fifth year and I am one of the oldest players on the team, it is up to me and the other seniors to pave the way for the underclassmen, not only for this season, but for the upcoming seasons as well.  We are the only players on the team who have been to the NCAA Tournament and we know what it takes to get there again.  We have to be able to show the underclassmen the right way to do things just like the upperclassmen showed us when we were freshmen and sophomores.

SCU: What is a random fact about you that not many people will know?
RC: Ricky isn’t my real name, but that is all I’m going to say about that.  Haha

SCU: How did you get started playing soccer?
RC: When I was three or four years old I was a little troublemaker.  I was always running around the house, climbing on furniture and breaking things, so my parents thought that soccer would be the best way for me to burn off all of my energy.  They signed me up for a youth team.  I fell in love with the game and have been playing ever since.

SCU: What is your favorite video game to play in your free time?
RC: FIFA 2010

SCU: If you could play any other sport at Santa Clara what would it be and why?
RC: Basketball.  I played basketball and soccer back when I was younger but I stopped playing basketball so that I could concentrate more on soccer.

SCU: Any fun vacations or plans during the summer?
RC: Nope, nothing exciting at all. I’m just staying out here in Santa Clara working soccer camps and continuing my physical therapy for my shoulder.