Family Ties Helping Keigo Kameya Adjust to Collegiate Game

Family Ties Helping Keigo Kameya Adjust to Collegiate Game

By Carolyn Linck, '11

One of Santa Clara University's newest soccer players, freshman Keigo Kameya (KK), has had help adjusting to collegiate life and playing Division I soccer from a very familiar face – his older brother, sophomore Takahide Kameya

The Kameyas are the second set of brothers, joining Devin and Ricky Character, on the SCU team that is hoping for good results in 2010 and a postseason berth at season's end.  Recently (SCB) had the opportunity to sit down with Keigo Kameya and talk with him about his relationship with his brother, his decision to come to SCU and his adjustment to life at Santa Clara both on and off the field.

SCB: What is it like having your brother on the team?  Has he helped you adjust to collegiate soccer?  Are you guys competitive against each other?

KK: It is definitely a different experience having my brother on the team. I always grew up watching his club games from the sidelines, but now I get to play with him on the field and that is really exciting. He has helped me adjust to collegiate soccer in many ways. Takahide told me that the speed and the level of play is a lot higher than in club soccer and everyone takes practice seriously. We are not competitive against each other just because we play different positions. I mainly play forward, but my brother, on the other hand, plays midfield.

SCB: Was having your brother here at SCU a big factor in your decision to come to Santa Clara?

KK: Yes, having my brother at SCU was a big factor in my decision. I felt like I wanted to play college ball with my brother at a well renowned school.

SCB: Other than your brother, who have you gotten close with on the team? Are there any upperclassmen you look up to?

KK: I feel like I have gotten close with almost everyone on the team. Prior to becoming a Bronco, I came to play pick up games with my brother and some of the guys, so I think that helped a lot when it actually came down to the tryouts.

SCB: So far what has been the biggest difference between high school and collegiate soccer?  Are you at all nervous about playing in your first game?

KK: Between high school and collegiate soccer, the biggest difference has to be the fact that I play with and against guys that are pretty much adults. The guys are not only stronger but are also very technically sound, fast and smart. I am very nervous about playing in my first game but anxious and excited at the same time.

SCB: What are your goals for this season? How are you hoping to contribute to team?

KK: This season I want to score as many goals as I can and start in as many games as I can.  I also want to keep my play consistent from one game to the next. I am hoping to contribute to the team mainly by scoring, hopefully helping us to get to the playoffs.

SCB:  You were born in Yokohama, Japan.  When did you move to America? Do visit Japan regularly?

KK: I moved to America on March of 1998. We don't visit Japan regularly but we try to go back whenever we can.

SCB: How old were you when you started playing soccer? Have you always been an offensive player?

KK: I started playing club soccer when I was 12. I used to be a defender on my first club team, but as I grew older I wanted to play forward and score goals.

SCB: What do you think are the strongest parts of your game and the parts that need the most work? How are you trying to improve?

KK: I'm most confident at making runs off the ball and taking shots on goal. I think I need the most work on my consistency from game to game.  I'm trying to improve by practicing hard everyday. 

SCB: You are currently an undeclared major in the School of Arts and Sciences. What are you considering as a possible major? How do you think you will adjust to Santa Clara academically?

KK: I was considering business as my major. I will adjust to Santa Clara academically by legitimately studying for tests and exams and turning in assignments on time.

SCB: What do you like to do other than play soccer?

KK: Other than soccer I like to listen to music, hangout with my friends and play video games.