Finally Healthy, Rose Looks Forward to Upcoming Season

Finally Healthy, Rose Looks Forward to Upcoming Season

Written by Student Assistant Nicole Grazioli '12

Sophomore Jake Rose, a Marin, Calif. native, was anxious to play his first year of soccer at Santa Clara University last year. Despite an injury that had him sitting out part of the season, the defender started six games as a true freshman. Healthy now, Rose looks forward to a successful season – both personally and as a team. Rose took a break from his summer training to talk with about his summer break, freshman season, and his goals for next year.  


SCU: What have you been doing this summer?

JR: When I haven't been working with a trainer, I've been hanging out with friends a lot.  I went to Cape Cod for a couple weeks with my family and spent a week in Lake Tahoe with friends.  The weather was great and it was so relaxing.  I also ran a children's soccer camp in Marin.  As far as upcoming plans, it pretty much consists of soccer training.

SCU:  From your perspective, how is college soccer different from high school soccer? Was it an easy transition for you?

JR:  College soccer is definitely a huge transition from high school soccer.  Everyone is so much stronger, bigger and faster.  Players are all really talented and skillful too.  It was hard at first adjusting to this change, but all other players on the SCU team really helped all of us freshmen feel more comfortable.

SCU: You had to sit out a majority of the season due to an injury, how did you deal with that?    

JR: It was tough to have an injury my first year at SCU.  Besides being painful physically, it was painful emotionally.  During games and practices, I wanted to be on the field so bad, but I knew that my body couldn't handle it.  I worked hard on getting better, and was able to play again, which was such a great feeling.  My teammates, coaches and trainers really helped me through the process though which I greatly appreciate.

SCU:  Was there anyone on the team you really looked up to last season?

JR:  Everyone on the team was great in showing the freshman the ropes of SCU soccer.  Since I'm a defender, I really looked up to the defenders for guidance.  I really looked up to Mykell Bates because he is a great soccer player and demonstrates great leadership qualities. 

SCU:  Have you always been a defender?

JR:  I actually had wanted to play attack my whole life, starting from when I was younger.  My mind changed in high school when in one game my coach randomly said that he wanted to try me at defense.  I was a little skeptical, but ended up doing really well - ever since that I've been a defender and I love it!

SCU: Any favorite memories on or off the field?

JR:  My favorite memory would have to be when we played Saint Mary's (away) and we were losing 1-0 with four minutes left in regulation.  I came up from defense and crossed the ball in front of the goal, where Erik Hurtado scored, tying the game!  The whole team was so excited and it was a great feeling.

SCU: What are your goals for next season?

JR:  One main goal for me this season is to stay healthy!  On defense, I want to work on my communication skills with the other defenders and goalie, so we can have less goals against, less shots on goal and more shut-outs.  One goal I have for the team is to win as many games as we can, having a great season.

SCU: Your older brother grew up involved in water sports like water polo and swimming. What led you to play land sports?

JR: When I was younger, I was very active and played every sport you could think of.  My favorite sport was baseball – I had wanted to become a professional baseball player.  At the beginning of my freshmen year of high school, however, I had shoulder surgery and the doctor told me it wouldn't be a good idea for me to play baseball anymore.  After that, I started to completely focus on soccer.  To become better, I worked on my footwork more and would go to different fields playing in various pick-up games. 

SCU: If you could pick any professional soccer team to play on, what team would you want to play for?  Why?

JR:  I would love to play soccer professionally abroad, specifically Europe.  If I had to pick a team right now, it would probably be Read Madrid because I love their style of play.


The Broncos men's soccer team will kick off their 2010 schedule on September 4 vs. Wisconsin in Irvine, Calif.