Men's Soccer Defeats Michigan 3-1

Dec. 6, 2003

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Santa Clara Head Coach Cameron Rast

Opening Statement:
"We are very excited about qualifying for the college cup. It is something that we set our sights on at the beginning of the year and it is something that we are very proud to have accomplished. It's great when you can represent your University on a national stage and we are very excited to do so."

On Goal Late in Second Half:
"I don't think it made (Michigan) let down at all. They have had typically some very good results in the second half this year. It was unfortunate for them of course, but it was definitely a situation where the linesman saw it very clearly and had a great line to it and felt that the Michigan defender purposefully played it. With that being the case he had to make the call because that is his job to make those calls."

Santa Clara Midfielder Will Weatherly

On What it Means to go to the College Cup:
"It was one of our goals at the beginning of the year. It is not our ultimate goal, but it was one of them. Another was to go undefeated at Buck Shaw this year, which we did and are very proud of that as well. So far we have hit a lot of our goals and hopefully once we get there we can get to our ultimate goal."

Michigan Head Coach Steve Burns

Opening Statement:
"I think that you have to give a lot of credit to Santa Clara. They are a very strong team with very good discipline in how they play. There are a team that really tries to disrupt the way you play and they were successful at it tonight. I wish them the best of luck in the College Cup."

On Michigan's style of play:
"I think too many teams try to play to direct to the style of play that their opponents are playing. I though that with the alignment that we were in we would be able to win second balls and it just didn't happen. They are a good team playing that direct style and with that I think they carried a lot of the momentum of play. We are a team that tries to play both ways, both direct and indirect. I think one of the things we learned tonight as a team was when we only play direct the possession game falls apart because the players stop moving."

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