Postmatch Quotes

Nov. 30, 2003

Recap| Box Score

Santa Clara Head Coach Cameron Rast

Opening Statement:
"It was great to play at home and I think it may have become the deciding factor in the match today. It was a game that could have gone either way very easily. Our guys really hung in there and played hard through the overtime period as they have all year. They just found a way to win which has been somewhat of a motto for us this year."

On Coastal Bringing in an Extra Defender Late in the Game:
"I think that any time you go into a preventative organization you are inviting the opponent to attack. As soon as they did that we put an additional forward up top and took out one of our backs. We decided that if we were going to play this way that we would give ourselves better numbers up front to pursue the goal that we needed. I don't think it was a bad tactical move but at the same time you run a risk of taking a goal because you play in a defensive posture."

Junior Midfielder Will Weatherly

On Game-Winning Goal:
"A long throw came and it bounced. One of their players tried to clear it out and it just skipped off his head and it just came down to my feet as I was making a little cutting run into the box. I hit it first time and then I saw it hit the back of the net and pretty much just booked it over to the fans. I wanted to give them a little love because they were great all day for us."

Junior Defender Jason Pan

On Game-Tying Goal:
"The ball kind of took a big bounce off a rough area on the field, taking a little higher of a kick than I thought it would. Their keeper got a hand on it I think, but luckily for us it was already by him at that point."

On What Made Coastal Carolina so Tough:
"I think it was their offensive firepower. We haven't played too many teams that had players who could create their own chances up front and they had three guys who could do that for them. Especially at the end of the game they started to combine better and were very dangerous."

Coastal Carolina Head Coach Shaun Docking

Opening Statement:
"I thought it was a good college game, a very physcial match. I think (Santa Clara) did a very good job, showing a lot of discipline and were a very hard working team. They capitalized on some good chances when it mattered. I wish them all the best for the next round."

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