Bronco Talk

Bronco Talk

Nov. 1, 2002

by Josh Griffin, Sports Editor
The Santa Clara

Junior defender Kellen Gilmore starts at outside fullback for the Santa Clara men's soccer team. He was a starter each of the past two years on the outside midfield until he moved back this season under first-year head coach Cameron Rast. He took a few minutes out of his time to sit down and talk with sports editor Josh Griffin about his soccer aspirations, surfing and Bob Marley.

JG: How do you like your new position as an outside defender?
KG: I like it a lot. I really did enjoy going forward as a midfielder, but I'm becoming more confident in the backfield.

JG: Do you get a chance to be more physical on defense?
KG: That's the best part. If I can get a chance, I like to hurt people. Even though I'm small for a defender, I like to take some shots.

JG: How has the experience been playing for new head coach Cameron Rast?
KG: I like Cam a lot, and a lot of things haven't changed from last year. We still are a hard-nosed, hard working team. He's been trying to change our system so that we can play around teams more, and we've been successful with it, although our record does not show it. We've outshot almost all of our opponents.

JG: Do you think there will be a breakthrough offensively?
KG: Definitely, we are going to win the rest of our games and hope for an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament. Coach knows we've been outplaying people, but just getting unlucky.

JG: I know you got a red card a couple of weeks back - how did that go down?
KG: Ah, it was a cheap red. It was two minutes into overtime, and the ball was going out of bounds, so I hustled to pick it up and make the throw in. A guy on the other team came in and went for the ball, even though it was already out of bounds. So I put my cleat down and elbowed him. He took a big dive and made some noise, and the ref drew the card.

JG: Do you have professional aspirations for after college?
KG: That is my main goal. Soccer is my life, and that's all I am focused on right now.

JG: Do you prefer MLS?
KG: MLS would be my first choice, but it's tough to break in since there's not many teams, and they only carry 18 players. Most college players go to Europe and try to catch on with second division teams or club teams and work their way back. I have a lot of growing to do though still, and I honestly don't think I've been playing very well lately.

JG: How has your size affected your defensive play? There doesn't seem to be a bright future for small outside defenders.
KG: Size is definitely a factor. I think scouts look at me sometimes and say 'Oh, he's just another short defender.' I have to prove them wrong.

JG: What kind of things do you do in your spare time?
KG: I love surfing. 'All I need are some tasty waves.'

JG: So, you must be a big fan of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."
KG: Yeah, I love that movie and I love surfing. I'm a surfer bro.

JG: What do you do for a pre-game ritual?
KG: I always do the same thing. I get my pre-game sleep and meal. Ham 'N Cheese Hot Pockets are money.

JG: Any particular music you like to listen to?
KG: Bob Marley's my man. (Signing) 'Just stir it up.'

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