Up Close & Personal with Keith Burden

Up Close & Personal with Keith Burden

Nov. 2, 2001

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Keith Burden has been a mainstay in the Bronco lineup since walking on to the Mission Campus in 1998. He has played in 76 matches during his career here at Santa Clara, starting 74 of those matches. He has tallied nine goals, seven of which have been game-winners, and assisted on five others.

This year he scored his first goal of the season in the Broncos' 1-0 win over Sacramento State on October 30. He also has one assist this year, which came on Steve Cronin's game-winning goal against then No. 8 San Diego in the Broncos' 2-1 win.

The senior from Niwot, Colorado recently took some time out before training to answer a wide variety of questions and give a little sneak preview of Saturday's big game against Portland.

Q: Portland is another team that is right there at the top of the WCC, what are some of your thoughts as you head into tomorrow's game with Portland?

A: "They have always been a really strong, offensive team. They have some big, quick skilled guys up front that we will need to be aware of, but all of the WCC matches are tough battles which means we can approach this game like we do all of the other conference matches."

Q: What kind of emotions are you going through with only a few games remaining in your senior year?

A: "A lot of mixed emotions. I am trying to take every minute of practice in and appreciate it. Take notice of the field, the guys around me and just try to make everything worth while."

Q: How has your overall experience been here at Santa Clara?

A: "It's been a dream. I have really enjoyed it. It has certainly surpassed all of my expectations."

Q: What has it been like to live with your teammates?

A: "I have lived with Scott McLain for the past three years which has been a lot of fun. I have also lived with Justin Canel, Anthony Chimienti and Kirk Fonseca. So, yeah, its fun to live with guys on the team. Our schedules all seem to go together which makes it somewhat easier."

Q: What sort of advice have you given the freshman on this year's team?

A: "Just to follow the seniors and upper-classmen. Learn what Santa Clara soccer is all about because there are special aspects that are found only at Santa Clara that you really don't know about until you come in and learn about it. It is critical to just go out there, watch how the older guys do it and learn to do it as quick as possible."

Q: What do your future plans include after this year?

A: "I have always thrown around the idea of playing after I have gotten out of here. I would probably have to work my way up into the A-league. Other than that I would like to go home to Colorado, be close to my family and do something up there. Ideally I would like to work for one of the resorts up in Colorado as I am a big skier. I wouldn't mind working in a management position at a resort, or possibly look into working as an investor or working in real estate."

Q: Who has been your biggest influence?

A: "My father, definitely. Soccer, the way I live my life, just everything. He's always been there for me, motivated me and has really taught me a lot of lessons. He was actually my coach my whole life before coming here. So, that's been awesome."

Q: What is your favorite soccer memory of all time?

A: "Individually it was the Clemson tournament. Getting an assist and scoring the game-winning goal. Other than that it would have to be the National Championship game, even though I wasn't in it because of my ACL surgery. Just being a part of that team made it that far was very exciting."

Q: What was it like coming back from such a tough injury in tearing your ACL?

A: "It was difficult. I had all of these high expectations that I was going to recover fast, which I did but I also had some setbacks. It was really tough mentally. The pain wasn't so bad, it was just the idea of getting over the fact that you couldn't play the game like you used to."

Q: What thoughts will be going through your head at your final regular season home game on November 14 against San Jose State?

A: "I will be thinking of how thankful I am of everybody here that supported me. Mitch Murray and Cameron Rast have done a lot for me since I walked on here, and have given me a lot of opportunities. I will also be looking up into the stands at my family. My mom and dad have come out to pretty much every game I have played out here, so that has been very special to me so I can't help but look at them with appreciation."

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