Up Close & Personal with Kellen Gilmore

Up Close & Personal with Kellen Gilmore

Sept. 27, 2001

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Kellen Gilmore is a sophomore on the 2001 Santa Clara University men's soccer team. The midfielder from near San Diego currently leads the Broncos in assists on the year with two, both of which came during the win against Oregon State at the Diadora Classic hosted by the University of San Francisco.

As a freshman in 2000, Gilmore saw action in 10 games, getting the starting nod five times. This season Gilmore is one of nine players who have started in every game and currently ranks fourth on the team with eight shots.

He recently took some time and shared his thoughts on a variety of questions, including the things he is sharing with the new crop of freshmen.

Q: Does it feel different being a sophomore?

A: "I think this year having more experience gives me more confidence going into the games. I still have the pre-game jumbles which is normal, but I know more of what the coach wants so I try to be a good example to the younger guys so they can learn just like I did last year."

Q: What sort of advice have you given to any of the 10 freshman that are on a college campus for the first time?

A: "I just tell them to work hard because that is what our program is all about. We beat teams as a result of hard work and having more passion to win. The coaches love to see that in the younger guys so that is all I am pretty much telling them right now."

Q: What did you do over the summer?

A: "I had some debt to pay off to my parents so I got a job working at kid camps at Sea World, which was kind of fun. I also did two-a-days of surfing.

Q: So you are a big surfer?

A: "Yeah. I am a big surfer bro. That's about all I do when I go home."

Q: What sort of goals have you set for yourself this year?

A: "This year I want to start scoring some goals which is what coach (Mitch Murray) wants to see me improve on over last year. I want to continue having assists and an impact on the game, but I would like to score at least 10 goals before the end of the season."

Q: What is your strongest characteristic as a player?

A: "My strongest characteristic would have to be how hard I work on the field. I would love for my role to increase to more of a leadership role. I am kind of quiet on the field, but I hope that the energy I bring to the game will get everybody going and excited as well. More or less lead by example."

Q: The assist you had on Jeff Stewart's game-winner against Oregon State earlier this season, did you have a feeling that you were going to score on that play?

A: "That play was awesome. I was moving the ball up before the referee could see so the fans were kind of taunting me. So right before the play started I thought to myself that this was going to be awesome for those fans if we scored right here. Right when I kicked it I saw it bending in perfectly and Jeff knocked it back into the goal. It was a great header. So right after it went in I ran right to those fans who ended up cheering for the play."

Q: Who is the person you most admire and why?

A: "Soccer wise my hero on the field is Franky Hejduk. He is a smaller player from the San Diego area that is also a surfer dude who is currently playing in the MLS, so I would say him. In life I would say that I look up to my parents a lot. They have taught me a great deal in life. I am kind of a smaller guy but they have always told me that it wasn't a big deal, to work hard and in the end you'll make it. So my parents in my life have been a big factor."

Q: What is your favorite soccer memory?

A: "So far I would have to say the LMU game last year. I was injured during the middle part of the season so I missed eight games and I wasn't getting much time until Stanford. But, I played the whole game that game and I scored the game-winning goal and all the fans were pumped. We had an autograph session after the game and all the little kids were coming up to me and recognizing me as the one who scored the game-winner, so that was a lot of fun."

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