ESPN Chat Wrap - Cameron Rast

June 20, 2002

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Santa Clara University men's soccer head coach Cameron Rast stopped by Wednesday morning to answer a wide variety of questions during a live online chat on

Below is the transcript from that online chat.

Cameron Rast: (1:32 PM ET ) Hi everyone, I am here, let the questions begin.

PJ (Littleton, CO): Hi, Cam! Congratulations! What, if anything, is in the works for upgrading Buck Shaw Stadium?

Cameron Rast: (1:35 PM ET ) This is a great question you bring up. We are very excited about the possibilities for Buck Shaw. We have been told that the next capital campaign is underway at SCU and in that campaign there is money designated to making Buck Shaw Stadium a soccer specific venue.

ST (San Jose): The last several years SCU has played a "long ball" style of soccer. Was that dictated by the abilities of the students who chose to attend SCU or was it a conscious coaching decision? Will you be changing that style of play?

Cameron Rast: (1:38 PM ET ) The style of soccer that we will play here at SCU depends on the players and their abilities. I think in the past many people have felt that Santa Clara encouraged a long ball style of soccer. It is my belief that players and their strengths will dictate some of what a team can accomplish. In the next couple of years I will be working very hard to make us a more well-rounded attacking style of team.

Billy (Hastings, Nebraska): Is West Coast soccer that much better than the rest of the country and if it is, why is that?

Cameron Rast: (1:41 PM ET ) I think quality soccer can be found in many parts of the country. On the West Coast we are fortunate to have great weather and a diverse population which helps us in developing our youth players. I believe that the West Coast produces great players like anywhere else in the country but these factors will help us develop a deeper pool of talent.

your bud in pasadena: are you going to grow a big mustache???

"El Bogodonito" ???

Cameron Rast: (1:42 PM ET ) No. I am not capable of growing a big hairy mustache.

Jerry (San Jose): can you beat the girl's team

Cameron Rast: (1:44 PM ET ) Our women's team at Santa Clara University is outstanding as you probably know. Especially behind their capable leadership of head coach Jerry Smith. If I had to make a prediction though, I definitely see the men's team coming out on top.

Bob (San Jose): What are the chances of bringing home another men's national title in the next couple of years?

Cameron Rast: (1:46 PM ET ) I think we have the building blocks to bring home another National Title to Santa Clara University. We have a great staff, a supportive administration and a core of solid players. Given a little time I see us returning to the College Cup.

ST (San Jose): Jeff Agoos has received significant negative press in the US for his showing at this year's World Cup. Have you noticed anything about his play that justifies this negative press?

Cameron Rast: (1:49 PM ET ) Jeff Agoos has been a consumate prfessional over his career. In the last two years he has helped the U.S. to our highest finish at the Olympics, captained the San Jose Earthquakes to a MLS Title and helped the U.S. qualify for the World Cup. His performance over the last two years merits his presence in Korea/Japan. It is unfortunate that his form has not been better in the World Cup. The teams we have faced have been able to expose this.

Jae (San Bruno): There are some tough teams in the WCC. How do you feel the WCC ranks overall against the other conferences in the nation?

Cameron Rast: (1:51 PM ET ) This is a great question. Over the last 10 years the WCC has been one of the premier conferences in the country in regards to soccer. Just this last year we had five of our seven teams advance to the NCAA Tournament. I think if you looked across the country the WCC ranks as one of the top three conferences that players can play in for their college years.

Amy (Los Angeles): Hi Cameron,

I've been a long time follower of Santa Clara Soccer. What can we expect from this years team?

Cameron Rast: (1:55 PM ET ) This year's team will play with a lot of passion and determination. We have a solid core of players. We will be looking to the leadership of Scott McLain, Ryan Cochrane and Steve Cronin to help lead our team into our fall schedule. It is important for us to get off to a good start and build confidence as we will be young. If we are able to do this, I feel confident in our advancing to the NCAA Tournament and hopefully the College Cup.

Raphi (Atascadero, CA): Congrats on getting the SCU gig, Cam! The Broncos are lucky to have you there. Can you talk a little bit on how the college game has changed since you played over a decade ago. Are the players different in any way? And, what are the most challenging aspects of recruiting.

Cameron Rast: (1:59 PM ET ) The state of the college game has changed over the last decade. The quality of the players entering college programs has improved across the board. This makes it very important to develop relationships during the recruiting process to find out about a players' character and leadership. These two factors can help teams win more games than just talent alone. My approach to recruiting will obviously be to identify and recruit top players who also have these two qualities.

Bobby (Mineral Wells, TX): What's it like to play in the Olympic Games? Seems it would be kinda neat to represent your country and all...

Cameron Rast: (2:01 PM ET ) The Olympic games was a great honor for me. To play with and against many of the players in this year's World Cup in Korea/Japan gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Representing my country in the Olympics was a very proud moment in my soccer career.

Cameron Rast: (2:01 PM ET ) Alright, last question.

Mark (Phoenix, AZ): What sort of chance do you give the U.S. against Germany Friday morning? Did you ever play against Germany when you played for the U.S.?

Cameron Rast: (2:04 PM ET ) The Germany/U.S. game will be a great match. The Germans have played very well in this World Cup and I think we have proven that we deserve this quarterfinal match. I am very excited about the chance the U.S. has against Germany as I think our style matches up well with theirs. My prediction...2-1, U.S. over Germany. Good luck guys and go U.S.A.!

Cameron Rast: (2:05 PM ET ) Thanks everyone and I look forward to seeing you all at Buck Shaw Stadium this year.
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