Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

Santa Clara Athletics has seen an influx of freshman talent this fall. From soccer to water polo to volleyball, freshmen have been achieving success while getting accustomed to life in college. In addition, the Santa Clara golf team has seen two freshmen make an early impact on the team, and they just happen to be twins.

Rick and Scott Lamb have been playing golf since they were about 7 years old. Influenced by their father and watching Tiger Woods on television, the Lambs fell in love with the game of golf at an early age and have gone on to become excellent junior players and now - collegiate players.

Before coming to Santa Clara, there was a chance that Rick and Scott would not be going to the same college.

Rick signed his letter of intent to Santa Clara in November of his senior year after coming on a recruiting trip. Scott kept his options open until May of his senior year, when he finally decided on Santa Clara. "We found out late in our senior year that we'd both be going to Santa Clara," said Scott, "We were both being recruited by a few different schools and Rick committed early to Santa Clara. I was close to going to another school, but everything worked out well and we ended up in the same place."

Now that they have been on campus for a couple months, the Lambs are getting accustomed to a schedule packed with tough classes and golf practice. "The first part has been a lot of fun," said Scott, "It took a little adjusting to get used to the college lifestyle, but it has been a great experience so far."

Rick agreed with Scott, "The first part has been hectic," said Rick. "I'll admit it has been pretty stressful, but I'm having a lot of fun. I think I'm adjusting well."

Rick and Scott both traveled to Palm Desert for the Desert Invitational that Santa Clara won on October 6. Rick posted a ten-over score of 226 over the course of three rounds to help the Broncos team clinch the title by four strokes over Cal State Northridge. "Winning the second event of my college career was great. I had a good feeling that we were all going to play well and for the first two rounds, we did. Although most of us struggled in the last round, we were still able to pull through with a victory. It was a great experience and I hope to have many more wins this year and in the years to come."

Scott, who entered the tournament as an individual, finished second on the team and tied for 10th overall at two-over, with an score of 218. "Going to the Desert Intercollegiate was a very exciting experience for me. It was my first college event and it was a lot of fun. We did well as a team and I also played well as an individual so that made the experience a lot more enjoyable."

It was the Broncos first tournament win since the UC Irvine Anteater Classic in February of 2008.

The twins say they have a strong sibling rivalry on the course that never gets too serious. "Rick and I are very competitive with each other," said Scott, "Whenever we play golf together we usually try to play a match against one another, but even when we aren't playing a match we are always trying to beat each other, but it's always just for fun."

"We never really get mad at each other over golf." Rick added, "I hate losing to him, or anyone for that matter, but I try to follow the advice, `It's just a game, relax and have fun.'"

Like most twins, Rick and Scott have their fair share of funny moments through the years.

"Once I used Rick's driver's license when I got pulled over so I didn't get a ticket on my name," said Scott. "He wasn't very happy."

They both had a run in with a persistent barista in an airport. "One time we were in the Chicago-Midway airport and we were getting some breakfast at a café," said Rick. "The lady at the register asked us if we were twins and to which we replied `yes.' She then started to whisper to her co-worker and came back and asked us if we were models and we both started laughing and said `no.' She did not believe us. She said `No, you are models. I've seen you in the Ralph Lauren ads.' Laughing, I said, `I think you're mistaking us for someone else.' She still didn't believe me saying, `you're just bein' humble sweety, its ok just admit it.' Still laughing, I said to her, `no, we aren't models' and thanked her for the food and left. It was funny because no one has ever said anything nearly as outrageous to me before or since."

Some students on campus still have trouble telling the two apart. "My brother and I aren't really together too often walking around campus, because we have different majors, but plenty of people have mistaken me for him," said Rick, "I'll hear someone yelling `Scott' and I don't look at first then I realize that the probably think I'm Scott so I turn around and tell them that he's my twin brother"

"I really don't know of anything to tell us apart, most of our friends tell us it's pretty easy." Scott added, "It's kind of tough if you don't know us, but some people can tell the difference because I have a scar on my forehead."

There is a chance that both of the Lambs could play on the PGA Tour some day, but it is a little early to say. For Scott, a career in golf is not his first priority after college. "I am studying Biology and I plan to go to medical school and ultimately become a Doctor. I would like to pursue a career in professional golf, but I am not ready to do that just yet. Once I graduate I'll evaluate my game and see if I feel like I am ready to play at the next level."

Rick, on the other hand, would like to pursue golf straight out of college. "I'm an undeclared business major. I'm thinking about majoring in finance and maybe a communications minor as well. After college I'm going to turn professional and try to make it on the tour."

The future looks bright for Rick and Scott, but for now, they can continue to enjoy their time in college and continue to take their golf games to the next level as the Broncos enjoy a successful fall season.

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