WCC Championship Quote Sheet - April 18, 2007

April 18, 2007


Jong Yoon, on earning All-Conference honors: "I certainly am very proud of being recognized as one of the best players in our conference.  We have many great players in our conference and it feels great to be named amongst them."

Yoon, on tournament: "I am proud of the way I finished the season, but I am dissapointed  because I really wanted our team to win. I really felt we had the team to win this week but even though the cards didn't pan out exactly the we wanted,  I am very proud of the team for the effort and heart everyone showed in tough conditions at La Purisima G.C."

Women's Head Coach Polly Schulze, on award winners: "I am especially happy for Jamie getting recognized by the WCC in her freshman year. She has been such a consistent player for us that she definitely deserves this award. Hilaire has worked really hard on her game so it is a nice reward for her as well. Samantha has had a strong senior season as our number one player. She has qualified for and played in every single tournament for four years for us, and that cannot be erased by any single outing."

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