2007 Men's Golf Blog

2007 Men's Golf Blog

Jan. 31, 2007

Sophomore Jonathan Keane will give weekly commentary right here throughout the men's golf team's 2007 season as part of the new Bronco Blogs feature on santaclarabroncos.com. With 2007 in full swing, Keane will give Bronco fans an inside view of what it is like to be a student-athlete at Santa Clara.

Keane is now in his sophomore year at Santa Clara after a strong freshman campaign which included a Top-10 finish at the SCU Invitational.

Recent Blogs:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I wanted to thank everyone for reading the blog throughout the spring and thank those that have supported the team throughout the season. Our success this year came in the form of some strong individual performances as well as getting everyone a chance to gain valuable experience for next season. We are going to have a fresh look starting in September as we look to make a run at qualifying and contending at the NCAA Championship in June of 2008.

I would like to say a goodbye to our seniors Jong Yoon and Eric Lillibridge. They both had outstanding careers at Santa Clara and will be missed not only golf wise but also as valuable people to have on the team. As we wish them a goodbye we welcome incoming freshman Tyler Ichikawa to the program next year.

The summer for me holds a full schedule of amateur events as well as plenty of practice time and a bit of part time work at a local golf club back home.

Thanks again to everyone for reading and I look forward to writing about our success in the fall.

Jonathan Keane

Thursday, April 12, 2007, 9:46 p.m.

Well we have been back from spring break for a few weeks now and are back into the swing of things.  The team has competed a few times in the last month with nothing too outstanding to report on.  We head into the WCC championship this week looking to bring home our first WCC golf title in over 10 years.  The event is set for a challenging course in southern California that should not favor one team or another.  My break was great.  I spent the time at home where I had a lesson with my  swing instructor and worked hard on my game.  My shoulder injury is feelingmuch better and as far as golf is concerned I am back to 100%.  I have been working hard for some upcoming events in the next few weeks that I entered outside of the college season.  Some of the guys on the team play a full amateur schedule outside of the college events and those amateur events begin to kick in during the spring.

At the moment I am actually working as a caddy for the next few days for a former SCU golfer, John Colyar.  He is competing in the Canadian Professional Golf Tour's season opening right here in San Jose at the golf club at Boulder Creek.  So far it had been a great experience seeing what the professional game is like, and hopefully we can continue to do well the next few days.

I will be sure to check back in and be sure to keep track of the team as they compete at the WCC championship by going to golfstat.com.

Jonathan Keane

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Hey hey
Monday, March 19, 2007, 5:51 p.m.

Not much has transpired since last time I wrote but we are getting ready for
spring break.  We get off until Tuesday of next week and then we come back
for practice starting Wednesday as we prepare for the final 2 events of the
regular season.  The weather in the last 2 weeks had been absolutely perfect
for golf and everyone has been able to get some good work in.  With such a
busy week ahead of me with finals that is about all I have time to write and
I hope everyone has a good spring break.

Jonathan Keane

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Hey all
Tuesday, March 6, 2007, 4:37 p.m.

So since last time I wrote the team has competed in 2 events.  The first one was in Newport Beach, CA.  That lineup consisted of Jong Yoon, Eric Lillibridge, Tim Lynch, Kellen Moss, and myself.  I felt like coming off Hawaii I was ready to go and was excited about the things I had been working on.  The event did not go as well as we wanted but we had a decent last round.  The 2nd event since Hawaii was the USD Callaway Golf Intercollegiate.  The team there consisted of Jimmy Cacho, Alex Bon, Scott Travers, Blair Myers, and Garrett Logan.  They played solid in the 2nd and third round and Garrett played great in the last round shooting 3 under 69.  At this point I'm sure everyone is getting bored with the golf and facts of the tournaments so I figured maybe I should introduce and say some brief words about the members of the team so here goes:

Jong Yoon: Team captain this year.  Parents own a great restaurant called Hana Japan where Jong is a part time bar tender and stand up comedian.  A very hard worker and probably the only guy who can rival Shaun and myself in random comments.

Eric Lillibridge:  Also a team captain and hard worker.  Loves Oreos.....enough said.

Blair Myers: sometimes referred to has the BIZZZZ.  A hard worker and perfectionist like his roommate Jong.

Kellen Moss:  Where do we start here.  Kellen hits the ball far, loves to hunt, and like me, really enjoyed math 31(Just kidding).

Tim Lynch:  This man may run for president someday but for the moment he's content with being an accomplished golfer.  One of the nicest guys I know.

Garrett Logan: Well he's from Las Vegas so that says a lot.  He thinks he's a legend and he might just be, but for now he's one of my good buddies and great player.

Mike Miller: Michael Blake Miller from the city of Fresno is possibly my future roommate next year.  He's a solid player who always keeps a smile on his face no matter how the day is going.

Alex Bon:  Tall

Scott Travers:  Late(im just kidding Scott)  Great golf game.

Shaun Pienkos: Funny....has a great attitude and a solid golf game.

Jimmy Cacho: A product of the same area as Eric and just happens to play the same clubs Eric does, drive the same car Eric does, and wash his clothes once a month like Eric does.  Great golf swing and a great kid.

Blake Lugar: He's representing the pacific northwest being from Idaho so he holds a special place in my heart.  Probably is the only person who can hit the ball as far as Kellen.  Great attitude and someone we will miss next year.

As for me just ask my teamates because it may be too long(or too short) to type here.

We have one more event to conclude this quarter and 2 more before the WCC championship. Currently I have a shoulder problem I am working to fix and go in for an MRI this week so hopefully it is nothing serious that will keep me out of the next few events.  I am trying to get more rest and eat well as we go into finals which is a pretty stressful week.  Its important to survive that week and get ready if my shoulder allows for the stretch run into the post season.

Until next time,

Jonathan Keane

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Hawaii Part Two
Sunday, February 11, 2007, 9:35 p.m.

Hello again everybody.  Obviously last time I checked in we were in the
process of qualifying for our first event of the spring in Hawaii.  We
finished up the qualifying and set the lineup for Hawaii the Thursday night
before we left on Sunday the 4th.  Jimmy Cacho and Jong Yoon both played
solid throughout qualifying and made it into the 5 man lineup along side
Mike Miller, Garrett Logan, and myself.

For me it was my first trip to Hawaii and I was really excited to make the
trip.  With the lineup being set Thursday and the team leaving early Sunday
it left little time to organize missing a week of classes.  Fortunately for
me all my professors were very understanding and allowed me to miss class
and make up some assignments.  We left Sunday out of SFO and the flight took
about 5 hours to the island of Oahu where we had a layover for 4 hours.
During that time Mike Millers dad, who lives on Oahu, was able to meet us
and take us out to lunch so we could relax and catch some of the Super Bowl.
I know all of us were grateful for his hospitality.  Personally I was glad
to see the colts end up winning the game and it was exciting to watch.  We
left Oahu after our 4 hour layover and flew to the big island.  We then
drove to our final destination at Waikoloa which is on the northwest side of
the big island.

Monday and Tuesday we played practiced rounds at the Waikoloa Village golf
course where the event was being held.  After the rounds we were all able to
relax and enjoy the beach and surroundings.  The weather was ideal the whole
week with temperatures around 80 everyday.  I know for me swimming in the
pacific was pretty cool and one of the highlights of the trip.  Golf wise we
teed it up on Wednesday morning around 8am for the first round.  We were
paired with University of Washington and University of Oregon who are both
strong Pac-10 golf schools.  It was a great time for me since I got paired
with my good buddy from Washington who is sophomore like me.  We grew up
playing golf against each other back home in Washington so it was fun to
make it this far and play together in a big college event.  Round 1 we
played well shooting 4 under as a team which put us in the top 10.  Jimmy,
Garrett, and Jong all shot under par the 1st round which helped us quiet a

Rounds 2 and 3 we struggled a bit compared to round 1.  Overall we played
well but did not get the putts to fall like we needed to so that we could
contended for the win.  Jong Yoon was our most consistent performer shooting
3 under overall for the event(67-69-71).  For me I played very well from tee
to green but struggled a bit making 15 to 20 foot putts and also with my
wedges.  I finished well though with a round of 70 to finish with a 3 round
total of 216.  I know for me it was a great learning experience as I know it
was for all the guys.  The field we played against was one of the best in
the country.  Teams like defending national champs Oklahoma State were there
as well as USC, UW, Georgia Tech, Stanford, among many others.  Seeing how
the best players in the college game conducted themselves and how they
practiced was a great learning experience.  I know for me it has motivated
me to work harder in the coming weeks and months so that I can contend with
them the next time we play an event.

The rest of the team back at school had a great week of practice.  I know
talking to freshman Alex Bon he mentioned he had his best 2 days of practice
with our swing coach Bill Johnson.  As we get guys with more experience and
working hard with Bill I know we will be ready to win the next event in San
Diego and look forward to peeking for the WCC Championship.

Look forward to keeping everyone updated and we will talk to you soon

Jonathan Keane

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007, 8:23 p.m.

Hey everyone, greetings from the men's golf team.  I am excited to be able to contribute to this blog and I look forward to giving people a closer look at our team.  I am currently in my sophomore year and I am from Edmonds, WA which is a city just north of downtown Seattle.

We have just started up our spring practices a few weeks ago.  Everyone on the team had a great Christmas break and I know we were ready to work when we all returned to campus.  We are one of the only college sports to be truly year-round and it was not hard for the guys to get back into playing shape after a full fall schedule.  Last week we started our qualifying process to see who would play in our first tournament which is actually in Hawaii next week.  We only send 5 members of the 12 man team so obviously its very competitive. The qualifying process this time around includes 4 rounds of golf with the lowest 2 scores after 4 rounds qualifying and the other 3 spots filled with selections made by our coach. We completed the 3rd round yesterday at a course many of us had never played called Wente Vineyards located out towards Livermore (about 30 min Northeast of school). I know for me it was a great time playing a course that I had never visited and it's always a good test to see how you can play a championship level course. I know my two teammates that I played with, Blair Myers and Mike Miller, had a good time as well as we all worked hard to play as well as we could.

As far as our daily schedule is concerned, our playing days right now are set to Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays.  These days we either are qualifying for the next event or just working on our games.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are spent at San Jose Country Club with our swing coach Bill Johnson who is the head teaching pro at San Jose Country Club.  Bill has been a top asset to the program and helps all of us out tremendously with technique and keeps us on track and ready to play the next event.  We have also been working out with our team trainer at 7:30am Tuesday and Thursday Mornings.  I know for me it took a week to get used to the schedule of working out followed by class and then practice but now its much more manageable.

I know we are working hard towards playing well to start the spring in Hawaii.  The 5 guys that go will be ready to play and win the golf tournament.  With the help of our captains, Jong Yoon and Eric Lillibridge, and the support of the boosters to the program and our coaches, I know we are going to do some great things this spring, and I look forward to updating everyone on the progress.  As for me I am just looking forward to improving everyday and trying to play my best this spring.  Watching the recent domination of Tiger Woods in our sport has motivated me and I am sure many of my teammates to keep working hard and striving to get better.  Until the next installment have a great week or two and be sure to check back in.

Jonathan Keane

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