Men's Rowing Sweeps at Mission Bay

Santa Clara practices at Lexington Reservoir on Tuesday, March 29, 2016.
Santa Clara practices at Lexington Reservoir on Tuesday, March 29, 2016.


SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Racing for the second time this season, Santa Clara men's rowing swept four races against San Diego, Gonzaga, and UC San Diego Friday. The Broncos won with their Varsity 8, 2nd Varsity 8, 3rd Varsity, and Novice 8.

The Varsity 8 finished with a time of 6:00.0, six seconds ahead of San Diego and 16 seconds ahead of fourth place Gonzaga.

"The Varsity 8 had a good race dealing with some unique racing conditions from speed boat use on the area," Santa Clara head coach Jay Farwell said. "All boats in the race were hit with significant wakes but our guys and the other crews handle it pretty well."

The 2nd Varsity finished in 6:11.5, four seconds over San Diego and more than 16 seconds faster than Gonzaga who brought up the rear.

"Our 2nd Varsity had a great result," Farwell said. "This is the first time in a number of years that our 2nd Varsity has been competitive with these crews. I'm really proud of this group and there are a number of freshmen in this boat as well."

The Broncos raced just Gonzaga in the 3rd Varsity 8 race and won with a time of 6:32.4, 29 seconds ahead of the Bulldogs.

"The 3rd Varsity also performed well," Farwell said. "Gonzaga has not had many days on the water this year so we know they will be gaining speed across the board as we meet up again at the Crew Classic and Western Sprints."

The Broncos raced two Novice 8 boats with the first boat finished in 6:12.79, two seconds ahead of second place Gonzaga. The 2nd Novice 8 finished with a time of 6:33.11.

"Our Novice 8 and 2nd Novice 8 also had a good day," Farwell said. "The Novice 8 had a good battle with Gonzaga. The 2nd Novice 8 continues to progress and I am really encouraged by this boat's performance."

Santa Clara is back on the water at the San Diego Crew Classic beginning April 1.

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