Sean Jackson Is Optimistic About His First Season

Sean Jackson Is Optimistic About His First Season

Freshman Sean Jackson knows Santa Clara was a challenge, but now with some time under his belt, he is getting the hang of things. Jackson, excited for his first season, is optimistic about winning.

Written by: Sarah Jackson '14

SCB: Overall, how has your freshman year been for you so far?

SJ: Honestly, fall quarter wasn't super easy for me. It was difficult to move away from home and live somewhere else where I knew essentially nobody. But now that I've had a couple quarters to integrate myself into the Santa Clara community, I've met a ton of people who I really like, and I've settled down and am really enjoying my time here.  

SCB: Being from Oregon, how has the weather change been for you?

SJ: The change in weather has certainly been weird coming from a climate where rain and grey skies are the norm in the winter. Waking up in December to clear skies and sun is certainly something I'm not accustomed to experiencing. I'm certainly not upset that it doesn't rain everyday, but the reservoir we row on is getting lower and lower everyday, so a little rain wouldn't upset me too much. The best part about the weather is watching my Californian teammates react to rain. When it rains, they really don't know what to do with themselves, which is pretty funny to see.

SCB: Why did you choose Santa Clara?

SJ: When I was looking at schools I knew I wanted to leave Oregon, but not go too far. So naturally Santa Clara was a good choice because it's not only pretty close to home but also is a very good academic school and the student community is awesome.

SCB: How has your first season as a Bronco been going for you?

SJ: It's been really good for the most part. I was out for a couple weeks with a back injury, but once that was sorted out I was back out in the boat practicing. I think everyone on the team essentially views the team as a family, and it's a true statement. It's not always easy to get up at 5 every morning, but knowing that you're going to workout with some your best friends it certainly motivates me to keep going.

SCB: Does your team have any specific goals and/or expectations for this season?

SJ: Our freshman boat has come a long way from the beginning of the season, and we believe that we are capable of winning our event (the N8+) at the WIRA (Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association) Championships. The varsity boat is also very competitive, and we are determined to qualify for nationals, which we really aren't that far off from doing. I think that this year will be looked at as a defining year in the history of Santa Clara Crew because we're competing a high level, which is something that hasn't exactly happened in quite some time. Our two awesome coaches are pushing us every day to be faster and we're bringing in some great guys for next year to keep us competitive with the rest of the teams that we compete against.