Fall Season Underway for SCU Men's Crew

Fall Season Underway for SCU Men's Crew

HEAD OF THE AMERICAN (October 24, 2009) - After a long summer break, followed by roughly four weeks on the water, the Santa Clara men's crew team traveled to Lake Natoma, Sacramento, to compete at the Head of the American, an annual 5k head race hosted by the Sacramento State Aquatic Center on October 24.

The first race of the year is always an event to look forward to because it allows crews to set the tone for the season. Success in the first race provides an early foundation for confidence, while shortcomings present the opportunity for improvement.

The Men's Varsity 8+ finished 5th overall with a time of 16:11, finishing ahead of notable competitors such as Cal lightweights, UC Davis, Loyola Marymount, Cal State-Sonoma, and Cal State-Sacramento. Rowing at an average rate of 31-32 strokes per minute for the 5k, the Broncos were able to bring up the rate for the last 500 meters to 34 strokes per minute, while maintaining a good boat-feel and rhythm.

The Men's Second Varsity 8+ beat out competition from two UC Davis Boats, and was also able to maintain a good rhythm and muster up some effective moves. Overall, both boats were able to draw on some positive aspects of the race, as well as focus on areas for improvement.

Race 34: Mens Open 8+
1st 388 UC Berkeley A - 15:00.00
2nd 390 UC Berkeley B - 15:15.00
3rd 402 UC Berkeley - 15:56.00
4th 394 Little Knights - 15:57.00
5th 392 Santa Clara - Men A - 16:11.00
6th 393 UC Berkeley Ltw - 16:25.00
7th 396 Loyola Marymount - 16:25.00
8th 403 UC Berkeley - 16:25.00
9th 389 UC Davis - Men A - 16:29.00
10th 399 UC Berkeley C - 16:33.00
11th 391 UC Davis - Men B - 16:45.00
12th 400 Sonoma State - 17:06.00
13th 397 Cal. State - Sac - 17:30.00
14th 398 Santa Clara - Men B - 17:56.00
15th 395 UC Davis - Men C - 18:30.00
16th 401 UC Davis - Men D - 20:59.00

NEWPORT AUTUMN ROWING FESTIVAL (November 1, 2009) - As most people prepared themselves for Halloween and the obscene level of candy consumption that accompanies it, the Santa Clara men's crew team headed down to Southern California to compete in the Newport Autumn Rowing Festival on November 1. A much more difficult course to navigate and to row compared to Natoma, the Newport Beach course features a 4k with a few sharp turns, as well as a generous amount of crosswind. Regardless, the Broncos were excited with another opportunity to race--an excitement that inspired them throughout the choppy course.

With strong determination for success from both the rowers and the coxswain, the Varsity 8+ finished 8 out of 30, beating varsity boats from USC, OCC, USD, and UCSD. Rowing at a rate of 33-34 strokes per minute, the boat was able to recover from patches of rough waters by focusing on solid rhythm and technique. Bringing the rate up to 36 strokes per minute for the final 400 meters, the Broncos were able to pass one more boat before crossing the finish with a time of 14:52.

As for the Second Varsity 8+, a valiant effort by the rowers as well as a precise course by the coxswain allowed them to finish ahead of Second Varsity boats from USC and Arizona State, as well as a few varsity boats from various other programs.

Overall, the race provided another chance for the team to lay foundations and to seek further improvement.

The Broncos will be competing at the Head of the Lagoon in Redwood City on November 15th, which will be their final head race before winter break. All interested are encouraged to attend, as any support will be greatly appreciated.