Santa Clara Wins First-Ever Men's Crew WCC Trophy at WIRA's!

Santa Clara Wins First-Ever Men's Crew WCC Trophy at WIRA's!

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. - For the first time in Santa Clara men's rowing history, the Bronco Varsity 8's out-raced all teams affiliated with West Coast Conference institutions at the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships (WIRA). The Broncos came in third in the WIRA Grand Final ahead of Gonzaga University (4th), the University of San Diego (7th) and Loyola Marymount University (8th).

Battling through a tough, crossing wind, Santa Clara was bow-to-bow with UC Davis and Washington State coming through the 1000m mark, a few seats ahead of the trailing crews of Gonzaga, Orange Coast and UCSD.

At the 500m mark, the Broncos were a few seats behind UC Davis, and a few seats up on Washington State. Coming to the final sprint the Broncos couldn't hold back charging Washington State, but maintained their lead over last year's WCC trophy winner's Gonzaga by 0.4 sec margin.

The victory over Gonzaga and third place finish at the WIRA's was truly a historic moment for SCU Bronco rowing. The varsity squad came to Sacramento and Lake Natoma with losing record, despite strong performances at every regatta.

"It was just a matter of polishing up a few things and sticking to our goal of the year - winning the medal at WIRA," said Santa Clara head coach Wieslaw Kujda. "With a strong field like that it was hard to predict final results. The WIRA championship was within reach for any crews. I can't be more proud of this group of men."

In addition, three oarsman from the Varsity 8 were awarded First Team All-WIRA honors -- Tim Huss, Chad Johnson, and Mike Republicano --who are all four year oarsman graduating this June. Johnson said, "We couldn't have gotten this award or this recognition without the help and hard work of our teammates."

"Gonzaga had won the trophy 7 times since its inception in 2002 so we are excited it will be making its first appearance at Santa Clara University this year," said Huss. "We took advantage of a great opportunity to row very well this weekend. Making it to the medal stand and winning the WCC are great accomplishments for this team."


SCU Varsity 8 lineup
Tim Huss
Chad Johnson
Wills Fallon
Mike Republicano
Chris Macko
Adam Noble
Jake Carrigan
Chris Freeburg
cox. Caitlin Bellotti

Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships - Saturday-Sunday, May 1-2, 2010
Lake Natoma (Rancho Cordova, Calif.)
Weather SUN: Sunny, 70s. Very harsh sidewinds. Gusty and choppy water.
Weather SAT: warm and sunshine, flat water, slight headwind.

Varsity 8+ Grand Final
1. Washington State, 6:13.0
2. UC Davis, 6:14.2
3. Santa Clara, 6:16.9
4. Gonzaga, 6:17.3
5. Orange Coast, 6:18.6
6. UC San Diego, 6:19.9

Novice 4+ Grand Final
1. Gonzaga, 7:01.4
2. Sacramento State, 7:02.5
3. UC Davis, 7:09.4
4. Orange Coast, 7:26.9
5. San Diego, 7:37.5

Novice 8+ Grand Final
1. Orange Coast, 6:21.3
2. UC San Diego, 6:21.31
3. Gonzaga, 6:27.9
4. San Diego, 6:28.9
5. UC Santa Barbara, 7:30.5
6. Washington State, 6:40.0

Junior Varsity 8+ Grand Final
1. UC San Diego, 6:36.6
2. Gonzaga, 6:36.8
3. Washington State, 6:41.1
4. Orange Coast, 6:42.8
5. UC Davis. 6:50.5
6. Colorado, 6:54.2

Novice 4+ Heat Race
1. Gonzaga, 7:11.2
2. Orange Coast, 7:22.2
3. Willamette, 7:26.8
4. UC Santa Barbara, 7:32.2
5. Loyola Marymount, 7:35.0
6. Pacific, 7:53.4

Junior Varsity 8+ Heat Race
1. UC San Diego, 6:12.6
2. Gonzaga, 6:17.7
3. Colorado, 6:24.1
4. Santa Clara, 6:30.6

Varsity 8+ Heat Race
1. Gonzaga, 6:10.4
2. Orange Coast, 6:15.8
3. San Diego, 6:20.2
4. UC Irvine 6:26.3
5. Pacific Lutheran, 6:32.5
6. Seattle, 6:43.7

Novice 8+ Race
1. UC San Diego, 6:18.8
2. Gonzaga, 6:26.8
3. Washington State, 6:31.1
4. UC Irvine, 6:31.7
5. Loyola Marymount, 6:54.6
6. Long Beach State, 7:09.8

The Broncos Novice 4+ won their petite final...
1. Santa Clara 7:35
2. Western Washington 7:37.4
3. Willamette 7:47.9
4. Sonoma State 7:59.5
5. Portland 8:01.7
6. UCSB 8:13.5

The Broncos JV8+ placed second in the petite final...
1. UC Irvine 6:41.4
2. Santa Clara 6:43.1
3. Pacific Lutheran 6:49.7