Men's Rowing Coming Off Strong Performance in San Diego

Men's Rowing Coming Off Strong Performance in San Diego

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - While for many college students, spring break conjures up ideas of traveling and partying, for rowers, spring break means three things: eat, sleep, row. After a grueling but very rewarding week of nothing but rowing, the Santa Clara men's rowing team headed down to San Diego to compete in the annual San Diego Crew Classic - one of the largest regatta's in the nation.

The weekend was a good opportunity for the men to further develop their racing abilities. Competing in the Cal Cup, the varsity raced in the early morning on Saturday, March 27, getting off to a slow start but battling back to place fourth and qualify to the petite finals. The second varsity also made the petite finals.

With a determination for success, the varsity boat battled the next day in the petite finals, placing first and beating out Georgia Tech University by about a second.

"It was a tough race, but we were out there refusing to lose to any boat and were able to hang on at the end," said junior Wills Fallon.

"The weekend got off to a slow start but we were able to show some toughness the second day and we know what we need to improve upon as a team," said Santa Clara head men's rowing coach Wieslaw Kudja.

As the men prepare for their next races and the home stretch to WIRAs approaches, they are taking steps toward doing what it takes to become a faster boat each day.

Heat 1
Trinity 6:12.60
Notre Dame 6:19.66
Loyola 6:23.50
USC 6:25.72
UCLA 6:36.88

Heat 2
WSU 6:22.60
Cal Lw 6:24.19
UCI 6:24.90
Santa Clara 6:27.64
OCC 6:30.34
ASU 7:00.75

Heat 3
Grand Valley 6:21.80
BC 6:23.33
Georgia Tech 6:25.92
Drexel 6:32.88
WWU 6:38.39
SDSU 7:10.32

Grand Final
Trinity 6:22.60
Grand Valley 6:27.89
WSU 6:30.01
BC 6:31.92
Notre Dame 6:32.07
Cal Lw 6:35.04

Pettite Final
Santa Clara 6:13.60
Georgia Tech 6:14.23
Drexel 6:16.22
Loyola 6:18.37
USC 6:18.89
UCI 6:22.48